How to choose an electric gate ? Models and prices

Opting for an electric gate is a good idea because this development greatly improves the comfort users. And in addition to being very practical, it increases safety of a property. Model, material, dimensions, motorization but also installation work are among the selection criteria to be evaluated and impact the electric gate price. Let’s take stock in order to choose the one that best meets the needs but also the constraints related to the configuration places, and let’s see what is the budget to planincluding installation, knowing that it is highly preferable to call a professional rather than installing this type of portal yourself.

The advantages of the electric gate

The electric gate is equipped with a automatic opening and closing device usually with a remote control. No need to get out of your vehicle to enter or leave your property. That is very convenient when it rains full time for example, when it is dark or even for people who have difficulty moving.

This system is also very valuable if you have no shelter in front of your home allowing you to temporarily park your car and therefore you have to park your vehicle on the road to be able to open your gate. With her remote controlwe can anticipate the opening of the electric gatewhich avoids having to wait.

It is also an excellent solution in terms of security, and at different levels. On the one hand, the electric gate limits unwanted intrusions because its automatic system is blocked in the event of an attempt to open it by force (breaking in). On the other hand, it can be coupled with a Audio-Video intercom allowing to control the access to the private space and to allow it only if one consents to it thanks to its remote control.

Finally, an electric gate of good quality and perfectly installed adds value to real estate. It is therefore a plus in the event of resale or rental.

Criteria for choosing an electric gate

The range number of electric gates currently on the market is relatively consequent. To choose, it is therefore important to evaluate each of the criteria following:

The material of manufacture

This type of gate is available in wood, wrought iron, steel, aluminum and PVC.

Wood is a noble, elegant material, which brings an authentic touch to the outdoor space but requires very regular maintenance. the wrought iron and thesteel guarantee unfailing solidity and can be painted in all possible colours. L’aluminium is a good compromise to combine resistance and contemporary style. As to PVC, it is certainly aesthetic, cheap, easy to maintain since a sponge wipe is enough, but it is relatively light and offers less robustness over time. In any case, it is not recommended for very large electric gates which must be installed in areas exposed to strong winds.

The dimensions

You can opt for a standard model mass-produced and which is available in various sizes or for a bespoke electric gate may prove to be the only possible solution if installation constraints or specific dimensions are required.

The type of mechanism

There are two versions, namely the sliding model and the casement model. The first is particularly well suited to small terrains because it reduces the wheelbase. The second requires having enough space so that no obstacle hinders the opening of the leaf(s).

The motorization system

The most common solutions for motorizing an electric gate are:

There is also sometimes a self-supporting motorization with arms and it is useful to inquire to be informed about any technological advances which can give rise to new systems.

Electric gate: what budget to devote to it?

The price of an electric gate depends on the following:

  • The brand,
  • The material,
  • The manufacturing method (mass or custom-made),
  • The dimensions,
  • The mechanism,
  • The engine system,
  • The finishes (filling, i.e. openwork or full, style, color, etc.)…

For an electric gateentry levelthe minimum budget required is 1 000 € and for one tailor-made model beautifully made, you have to count between €2,800 and €3,500. These indicative prices are exclusive of installation and motorization. You should also know that the same model costs more or less depending on its finish, the difference being around 500 to 800 €.

Au electric gate price it is therefore necessary to add the installation cost et Works which may be necessary. As an indication, the labor which includes the simple installation of an electric gate and the installation of the motorization is invoiced according to the professional but also the geographical area. between 500 and 1600 €, a price that also depends on the complexity of the service and quite simply on the motorization system. Note also that the prices differ depending on whether you opt for an electric swing gate or a sliding electric gate.

But be careful, you also need to be able to finance this engine, each solution having a specific price. It is prudent, for example, to provide in addition to the price of the portal, between 800 and 1,500 € for a motorization on track, 600 € for a wheel systemor even between €1,000 and €3,000 for a motorization buried (installation not included). Similarly, it is better to include in the total cost of the operation the amount required for theinstallation of an intercom (device + installation by a professional) which is around from 300 to 500 €.

All these prices were raised in June 2020. However, they are only an idea. To know precisely the cost of the operation it is necessary to ask for two or three quotes to different local artisans in order to compare prices and services. Let us not lose sight of the fact that in certain cases the total cost to plan to have an electric gate installed can reach €6,300which includes the price of the gate, the motorization and the intervention of a professional.

Some owners who do not wish to change their mechanical gate opt for its transformation into an electric gate. To do this, they buy a arm motorization kit which is easily installed on a already existing portal. It costs between €400 and €1,000 excluding the installation price, but for a top-of-the-range automatic system, the price can reach €3,000. Here again, the installation must be entrusted to an experienced craftsman because this type of installation can be complex due to certain constraints due to the motorization, the weight of the gate and the configuration of the ground.

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