How to choose an entrance door questions to ask yourself !

Since the main purpose of an entrance door is, above all, to ensure the safety of the inhabitants of a house or apartment, its choice remains a difficult decision. This post may help you see more clearly.

The classic front door

Many door models are available from specialists. Many parameters come into play when purchasing this equipment. And the first question to ask is the security level of the front door.

If PVC is currently the most popular for its very affordable cost, only favor models delivered with metal frames in their frames.

You can also opt for wood, renowned for its robustness: it is the material par excellence for the main openings of a house. However, before confirming your order, make sure that the door is equipped with good locks.

Otherwise, in terms of strength, nothing beats aluminum and composite, ie fiberglass.

Finally, depending on the city where you live and if your only concern is optimal security, do not hesitate to invest in an armored door. These are simply very difficult, if not impossible to unhinge. The reinforced steel model meets these requirements perfectly.

The service door

Not all living quarters have service doors. Indeed, very practical, this entrance allows you to directly cross certain areas of the property such as the garden or the garage for example, without having to go through the main door. And when this opportunity arises, there is no question of neglecting its selection.

Indeed, even discreet, this type of opening also has a great influence on the aesthetics of the house. Therefore, its material must be in perfect harmony with the architecture of the building. Both rustic and elegant, wood has the particularity of harmonizing with all styles of home. In addition, this material will bring a warm touch to the whole.

However, favor exotic or massive species for their resistance to humidity, strong heat and the sun’s rays. In a completely different style, Polyvinyl chloride is not lacking in charm with its color palette. But it’s also hard to ignore aluminum, an ultra-light material that’s both design and modern.

garage door

The garage door

Don’t forget the garage door. Here, like at the front door, safety is paramount. However, the available space, but above all the layout and configuration of the garage must also be taken into consideration. Hence the imperative to start by taking the measurements of the premises before looking for the ideal door.

If you don’t have enough space, choose sectional doors called “ceilings” or “sides”. Depending on the model purchased, the sliding panels will slide towards the ceiling or to the sides. Nothing better to save space since the clutter is minimal. This is also the case for swings. Only downside, their aprons slightly overflow outside.

This model is therefore not recommended for roadside garages. Fortunately, this is not the case with the roll-up door. On the other hand, space must be cleared from the ceiling to accommodate the trunk where its blades will roll up. Finally, for ease of use, motorizing your garage door is not a luxury, but is essential.

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