How to choose your kitchen for your new at home ?

You are building a new house and you don’t know which kitchen to choose. It must be said that this essential room is at the heart of a home. Friendly space for sharing and living, it can be open to the living room or independent, but it must be comfortable, practical, functional and even warm. Faced with the many models on the market, fashions and trends, kit kitchens or installations offered by kitchen designers, it must be recognized that making a decision can be truly complex! Here are our tips for choosing your kitchen without any regrets.

The open kitchen or the closed kitchen?

Nowadays, the majority of kitchens are designed to be open to the living rooms that are the living room and the dining room. However, this possibility is not an obligation, and many appreciate designing a completely independent room, which will not disturb other spaces with the noise and smells that emerge from it. The semi-open kitchen, separated by a half-partition or a glass roof, is an intermediate solution that also satisfies many future owners.

When you design the plans for your home, you have plenty of time to create the room of your dreams. It is also this layout that will guide you towards the choice of a kitchen. A closed kitchen can for example contain many more wall cupboards than an open kitchen. The style and color can also be influenced by this criterion, since a closed kitchen is independent and freer in terms of decoration than a kitchen open to the living room.

A kitchen for what?

You will not choose the same kitchen depending on the use you plan to make of it. If you like to eat in your kitchen, you will provide a table, an adapted island or a raised work surface to accommodate your meals, which will not be necessary in a room reserved solely for your culinary preparations. If you like to cook, you will need more storage space for your dishes and equipment, as well as larger countertops. If you like to receive in this room, the central island is a user-friendly solution, both practical and aesthetic.

A kitchen to assemble yourself or by a kitchen designer?

This is the big question that most future owners ask themselves. There are indeed three types of kitchens: the kit kitchen, the ready-to-install kitchen and the turnkey kitchen. The kit model is the most advantageous in economic terms. These kitchens are offered by a large number of brands and are much more developed than a few years ago. You can now design your entire room from A to Z and you remove the various elements disassembled, packed flat. If the economy is very interesting, you will need time and patience to assemble your kitchen. You can also use the services of the brand that sold you the kitchen, as many offer installation. However, this service is often expensive.

The ready-to-install kitchen is similar to the kit kitchen, except that the elements are sold already assembled. You just have to take them away or have them delivered and put them down. It saves precious time, but the economy is less in terms of budget.

The turnkey kitchen is the most expensive. Designed from A to Z with a kitchen designer, it is made to measure, made and assembled on site. The kitchen designers also offer to install your household appliances and take care of the electricity and plumbing. The bill is much higher for a sometimes equivalent result, but you save time and your kitchen is unlike any other.

What style of kitchen?

The choice of the aesthetics of your kitchen is up to you, even if the advice of a kitchen designer may be welcome. Some appreciate that their kitchen, especially if it is open, is in harmony with the style of decoration of their living room and will take care to buy elements in the same tone or to make certain well-distilled reminders. Others, on the contrary, prefer that their kitchen be a completely independent room, whether open or closed, and opt for a different style.

Either way, choose the colors and styles that appeal to you. When it comes to the kitchen, rustic fashion and industrial style are very much in vogue. Mixtures of wood and white or black and stainless steel or copper are very trendy colors. And you, which style will you choose?

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