How to choose the paint color for a living room ?


We do not advise anyone to put a color on their walls just because it is trendy. First of all, you have to choose tones we love in order to feel good at home. The difficulty lies above all in respecting the harmonies. Although there are no right or wrong shades, there are clearly some pitfalls to avoid when choosing the color of the paint for the living room. Let’s take the time to reconsider things.

A new color for the living room walls: the main principles

Repainting the living room is a good way to have fun. This makes it possible to rejuvenate the room and we generally take the opportunity to personalize the decor so that our home is like no other. The living room is the most important room because we spend a lot of time there with the family. This is also where we receive friends for very pleasant convivial moments. Might as well take care of this major space.

We therefore try to bring character to the room by applying two different colors of paint rather than one and the same color on all the walls. Some associations can make the difference, such as:

    • Red and purple for an evocation of luxury in all its splendour,


    • Ecru and chocolate to create a soothing and elegant atmosphere,


    • White and black to play the card of contrasts and add a design note,


    • Black and paprika for the vibrant touch…


What also works well is monochrome for a successful cocooning effect. Blue or even powder pink lend themselves particularly well, bringing a note of refinement to the living room that is sure to seduce.

Paint to enhance the living room

The paint can, by its color, enhance an alcove which until then went completely unnoticed or any other architectural detail such as a vault, a column, an old beam, moldings or a bow window.

A flashy color – like electric blue and orange – is to be applied in moderation, i.e. in small touches to punctuate the decor. She is able to enhance the main color if it was chosen specifically in natural tones. Suddenly, the furniture itself plays the stars. In this case the painting is only a stooge and must know how to be forgotten. It is then only a pretext to accentuate a detaila painting, a sculpture, a designer’s table or underline a beautiful staircase.

Bring light to the living room

Light, again and again, is at the heart of the matter. Whatever paint color for the living room one chooses, it should in no way darken the room. A very large space open onto the garden thanks to huge bay windows can tolerate all shades, from the lightest to the darkest. This is not the case of a small living room which has only one window overlooking a courtyard. In this case, a White paint or eggshell still allows you to benefit from a minimum of brightness.

Finally the volume perception should not be overlooked. Depending on the color applied, the trompe-l’oeil can be perfectly successful, giving the illusion that a small living room has suddenly become spacious.

Valuing your property to sell it better

These tips are just as valid when applying new paint to the living room before sell your house or apartment. A big mistake in taste can ruin the negotiation.

The makeover of your property involves measurement because it is highly preferable to opt for neutrality in which buyers can project themselves very easily. And that is selling!

Repainting the living room: it is better to entrust this art to a professional

Choosing the new paint for the living room is one art, putting it on is another! A poorly applied application can spoil the most beautiful marriage of colors. Paint is the most difficult to handle on large surfaces when you are not in the business. This is why it is highly recommended to entrust a experienced painter or to a decorative painter by profession painting the living room walls. Painting quotes can be obtained in a few clicks, free of charge and without obligation, thanks to the online form.

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