How to choose a pool builder ?

Building a durable swimming pool requires the intervention of a competent professional. Knowing that there are several thousand swimming pool contractors in France, who should you entrust with the construction of your pool? To choose a good swimming pool specialist, do not hesitate to check his references, his reputation, the good health of his company, the guarantees and the after-sales service he offers, his customer relationship… In short, do not choose him at the light and take the time to compare.

What type of pool fitter should you choose?

Depending on whether you want to install a kit pool or create a built-in pool, the project can be handled by different types of professionals. Their services are not quite the same…

  • You can call on a skilled craftsman for two types of services: build a made-to-measure masonry pool or assemble a kit pool.
  • If you plan to install a pool kit, the supplier store can offer assembly assistance.
  • The pool kit can also be installed by the swimming pool manufacturer.

The swimming pools is a specialist: he takes care of your swimming pool project from A to Z.

  • It starts by studying your terrain to advise you on the location of the future swimming pool.
  • He takes care of the construction at each stage: the ground, the basin, the supervision…
  • He also manages the interview and the possible renovation of your swimming pool.
  • Depending on the configuration of the site, the construction of a masonry swimming pool sometimes involves several professionals different. Mason, plumber, earthmoving company, tiler, waterproofer, etc. It is up to the swimming pool specialist to manage the site and coordinate their interventions.

Assess the professional competence of the pool fitter

Do you want your swimming pool to last long and in good condition? This type of work requires real experience and professional training. A few clues help identify a sufficiently reliable and competent expert.

He is a member of the FFP

Membership of the Federation of Swimming Pool Professionals is a guarantee of seriousness and recognition by the specialist swimming pool community.

  • This membership indicates that the swimming pool specialist has also signed the ProPiscines charter, guarantor of a moral and qualitative commitment, in compliance with standards and regulations. And that’s not a detail.
  • FPP members must haveprofessional insurance : ten-year insurance and professional civil liability.
  • Member swimming pool specialists form regularly and keep themselves at the forefront of technical innovation.

He is certified and qualified

The piscinist diploma (essential) can be supplemented by various certificates and labels which demonstrate the quality and know-how of the professional.

  • The Qualipiscine label certifies the skills of the pool fitter.
  • The Certipiscine label values ​​his personal services.
  • The NF and CE labels indicate that it meets French and European standards.

Check their credentials and experience

It is better to call in a local professional. You can more easily check his references in a very simple way: by going to see his achievements.

  • Look at her site internet, you will find photos of swimming pools already installed by customers in the region. Note an important point: the older the company, the more experienced the professional.
  • Do not hesitate to ask him for customer addresses to visit some swimming pools. A well-established swimming pool specialist will gladly accept this kind of request. By seeing a slightly old realization, you will have a better idea of ​​the final result and the quality of the work.
  • The swimming pool specialist can sometimes present you with a control pool. When this is the case, take the time to observe it from every angle.

Spread word of mouth

Nothing better to ensure the good reputation of a professional!

  • A friend of a friend has a swimming pool? Play the card of opinions and recommendations from relatives or knowledge. Word of mouth is very revealing of the quality of the customer relationship and the professionalism of the company. In addition, it helps you anticipate certain questions that you would not have thought of…
  • Also explore the avis clients which you can find on the internet. But don’t take everything at face value… Better direct contact with a “real” customer than glowing reviews that are sometimes a little fabricated.

Assess the health of the business

Before choosing a professional, it is important to have an idea of ​​their reliability. Imagine that the swimming pool specialist files for bankruptcy while he is building your swimming pool…! To avoid this kind of unpleasant surprise (you never know), first check that the company is sound, financially and legally.

  • Is it registered in the companies register?
  • What is its date of creation?
  • What is its annual turnover?
  • Is she up to date with her social contributions?

You will find this information (and many others) on specialized sites or from the CCI.

Is the professional properly insured?

A swimming pool construction site can encounter certain problems. It is out of the question to rely on a service provider who does not have adequate professional insurance.

  • To cover the risks of the construction site, your swimming pool specialist must present a professional liability insurance.
  • He must also be able to engage his responsibility in a ten-year guarantee. You are thus covered against possible poor workmanship and other major problems for ten years following the completion of the work. Be aware that not all pool specialists have one.
  • The perfect purchase guaranteeevent covers conformity defects (excluding normal wear and tear), in particular defects in workmanship appearing in the first year.
  • The guarantee of proper functioning requires the swimming pool specialist to ensure that the equipment in the pool (pipes, valves) is working properly.

If your pool specialist does not spontaneously present you with a copy of the insurance certificates, absolutely ask him for these documents.

And the after-sales service? It’s save who can?

A good swimming pool specialist provides quality after-sales service. At the slightest operating problem, you must be able to count on its intervention.

  • Before choosing a professional, remember to ask him what the after-sales service response times.
  • In terms of deadlines, also find out about the expected duration of the works swimming pool construction. This can vary from a few weeks to several months. Choose the one that offers you reasonable deadlines.

Compare quotes from multiple pool contractors

Before drawing up his estimate, a serious pool specialist will offer you a visit to your property. This is a necessary condition for the development of a detailed estimate.

  • Here you will find the list of works to be carried out and their full estimate, the materials and equipment used, and a timeline work until final delivery.
  • The quote also specifies any work complementary necessary for the installation of the pool (earthworks, backfilling, etc.).
  • In addition to the cost of the work, the estimate indicates the conditions of payment and delivery times.

Do not hesitate to compare several quotes. The clarity and precision of this document is always a strong sign of professionalism. Or not. Don’t just choose the lowest quote. A good quote gives you an idea of ​​the professional’s reliability. Choose the one that inspires confidence in you, the one that guarantees you the best value for money and that allows you to consider a permanent dialogue with the pool specialist. And it’s not necessarily the cheapest!

Lean on the customer relationship

A professional swimming pool specialist is not reluctant to answer your many questions. You must be able to communicate easily with him, and that at any time of the construction site. You will trust an expert who gives you clear and easily understandable information. If you have any questions or problems, you should always be able to speak freely to your pool specialist.

Right from the start, you will know very quickly if he is listening to you. It’s your pool project, not his! If he takes the time to develop a tailor-made project with you, which meets your expectations and your needs, it’s a win.

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