How to choose the right interior lights ?

In the house, the lights are of course essential from a practical point of view but can also be transformed into decorative elements. To give life and relief to your interior, it is also recommended to multiply the sources of light, according to your needs and the functions of the room… But also and above all, your desires! How to choose the right lighting?

In the living room

Since it is the liveliest room in the house, it is important to vary the lighting there according to the morphology of the room as well as according to our lifestyles: if we are more of a reading evening , TV evening or board game evening, the light will obviously not have the same importance and will not be required in the same way. So the choice of the right lights for your living room must be made with regard to the use that is made of the room.

Moreover, it is advisable to multiply the lighting to respond to the different activities: rest on the sofa, dining area… Play with lampshades and directional lighting (spotlights) to create an atmosphere: rather than a fairly strong light to illuminate the whole room, many small lamps give relief to the space. Finally, great classics of living roomthe halogen floor lamp or the giant spot to put on the ground have not aged a bit.

The bedroom

In the bedroom, what is sought first and foremost is a soothing atmosphere that requires appropriate lighting: soft, subdued light. As in the living room, it is pleasant to create a “cocoon” effect thanks to several small different lights, rather than a single ceiling light which will produce a light that is too bright and too diffuse, unsuitable for reading activities, storage…

Unless supplemented by direct lighting: reading lamp on the headboard or lamp placed on the bedside table. To look for your clothes in the morning, it is very important to have a sufficient light source above or inside the cupboards and wardrobes: you can opt for a rail of spotlights or for window lighting, small LEDs fixed on the shelves if the piece of furniture is deep enough, or even outdoor wall-mounted lighting for an “industrial” look. Finally, for your office area, a lamp with an articulated arm is ideal

Kitchen and bathroom

In these rooms which are above all functional, suspended lighting and ceiling lights are the most valuable: opalines and recessed lighting, for example, which have the advantage of being “go everywhere” while providing fairly powerful domestic light.

Indeed, particularly in the kitchen, it is essential to be well lit as well as in the bathroom which most of the time has a single ceiling light. It is not always easy to find a choice in terms of simple and design ceiling lights at the same time.

And for accent lighting, instead of the traditional neon above the sink or induction hobs, think about varying the small LEDs and other directional lighting for an atmosphere full of life.

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