How to clean aluminum ? Tips to make aluminum shine !

Aluminum is one of those metals that oxidize, that is, they react with the oxygen in the air. Aluminum forms on its surface a layer of aluminum oxide, also called alumina, of black color. This reaction is slower than the formation of rust on iron, which is why when one decides to clean blackened aluminum, the layer is generally quite thin or consists of only a few scattered black spots. The alumina protects the metal but it is not satisfactory from an aesthetic point of view. This is why cleaning aluminum is an eternal restart, unless it is covered with a protective layer. Here are some tips for cleaning aluminum and making it shine.

Clean aluminum with lemon

Lemon is one of the essential fruits in everyday life. It is an important health asset but it is also a versatile and effective cleanser.

Boil ½ liter of water and add lemon juice. Dip a well-wrung sponge in it and rub the surface to be cleaned. Then wipe the area with a soft cloth.
If the result is not satisfactory, you can pass the pulp of half a lemon directly on the oxidized part before rinsing and wiping. If you are still not satisfied, you will place some coarse salt on the surface to complete the cleaning with a light abrasive action. Be careful not to scratch the surface!

Clean aluminum with white vinegar

White vinegar is also one of the foodstuffs used to clean the house. If you don’t have lemon, you can advantageously replace the lemon with vinegar, following the same steps.

Clean aluminum with Blanc de Meudon

You can also compose a recurring cream based on white Meudon. Pour 10 cl of water and sprinkle with Blanc de Meudon until you obtain a viscous paste. Place a small amount on a cloth and rub the surface to be cleaned, then rinse.

Clean aluminum with baking soda

Baking soda is a light abrasive. It is made up of crystals known to have a whitening effect on the teeth by polishing the enamel. This is why it is frequently used to make toothpaste. It will have the same effect on aluminum. Mix two tablespoons of baking soda to one tablespoon of water and place a small amount on a cloth to scrub the surface to be cleaned. Rinse.

Clean aluminum with toothpaste

If you can’t easily find baking soda, and if the aluminum isn’t too dirty, do a test with a special toothpaste White teeth. Scrub the surface with an old toothbrush, rinse and observe the result obtained.

Shine aluminum

The black layer of alumina being protective, if you remove it, the object will blacken again quite quickly.

For an aluminum object in contact with food, you can cover it with a thin layer ofedible oil (sunflower, olive, etc.), after cleaning and drying it well. Remember to apply it regularly.

If the aluminum is not in contact with food, apply a thin layer of deduction untinted bee brush over the entire surface and buff.

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