How to clean a mosquito net : 5 tips and tricks

The return of the heat being accompanied by that of the mosquitoes, it is time to restore your mosquito nets. And it starts with a good cleaning. A mosquito net clogged with insects, pollen or dust is damaged and wears out prematurely. How do you clean a window or door screen? Here are the 5 best tips to restore its transparency.

Tip 1: brushing a chance!

Brush your mosquito net, yes, but be careful: not with just any brush! Some brushes are precious allies for respectful cleaning of this fine fabric. And you probably already have one at home…

The adhesive brush

This fabric brush is usually used on clothes. It is perfect for ridding your clothes of lint, hair or dust that constantly settles there. You may also use it to clean the sofa or the carpet… To clean the window screens, use a fabric adhesive brush. In shops, choose a model compatible with mosquito nets. It will easily remove dirt and small insects embedded in the mesh.

The shoe brush

With its soft and natural fibers, the shoe brush can gently clean your mosquito net. You won’t risk deforming the stitches, damaging them or tearing them.

The lint brush

You know, the good old anti-hair velvet brush, the one you use to clean your clothes? It works wonders when it comes to gently removing animal hair, cobwebs, or any kind of pollen or fine dust stuck in the mesh.

The microfiber cloth

Even if it is not really a brush, its effectiveness is to be underlined. Once slightly moistened, it is a champion for removing dust from a mosquito net.

Tip 2: a little vacuuming

If your screen is already attached to the window, vacuuming is a great way to clean it. Preferably use the flat nozzle, without brush or velvet to avoid the risk of tearing the mesh. Carefully vacuum the entire fabric, at moderate power. Vacuum regularly, especially in the spring when pollen abounds and insects swarm. After this dusting, you can wash the mosquito net more thoroughly.

Tip 3: spray white vinegar

If dusting isn’t enough, your mosquito net needs a real wash. It’s time to take your white vinegar out of the closet. This simple and ecological product is also a natural disinfectant, which cleans and purifies textiles. For the main wash, lay the mosquito net out flat on a cotton towel.

  • Prepare a liter of mixture with lukewarm water and white vinegar (500 ml each).
  • After dusting the mosquito net, spray the veil liberally over the entire surface, on both sides.
  • Let it act for a bit… then gently rub the stains with a soft microfiber cloth, on each side. Proceed with great delicacy so as not to make a hole in the fragile mesh.
  • With a second spray bottle filled with water, spray the mosquito net again, both sides.
  • Wipe gently with a towel.
  • Hang up the mosquito net still a little damp on the window.

If your mosquito net is really very dirty, repeat the operation a second time. You can also add a few drops of dish soap to the water-vinegar mixture.

Small bonus: by impregnating itself on the mosquito net, the smell of white vinegar is enough to repel certain insects. One more natural barrier to keep these little unwanted visitors at a distance.

Tip 4: combine baking soda with essential oil

Another ecological and natural solution! All you need is some baking soda and an essential oil of your choice. Citrus scents freshen the air. Thyme, cinnamon or clove are fragrant. But lemongrass has something more: its repellent properties. Mosquitoes, in particular, hate lemongrass scent. As for bicarbonate, it effectively neutralizes bad odors, which is not its least quality.

  • Mix 4 cups of warm water and 4 teaspoons of baking soda.
  • When the baking soda is completely dissolved, add a few drops of essential oil.
  • Put this mixture in a spray bottle.
  • Spray generously over the entire surface of the screen, on each side.
  • Gently rub stubborn stains gently.
  • No need to rinse. Wipe gently with a clean cloth or allow to air dry.
  • You can hang up the mosquito net while still slightly damp.

The result is surprising: the veil quickly regains impeccable cleanliness.

Tip 5: opt for liquid black soap

A good bath, nothing like it to clean up! The same goes for the mosquito net; prepare a bath of soapy water for him. With its disinfectant and anti-bacterial properties, black soap is perfect for the job. Failing that, a liquid soap – or even dishwashing liquid – may also be suitable.

  • Fill a container with lukewarm water, in which you will have mixed liquid black soap.
  • Unhook the screen from the window.
  • Let her soak in her bath for an hour. No need to scrub; don’t take the risk of damaging the fine mosquito net.
  • Prepare another container; fill it with clear water, for rinsing.
  • Rinse the canvas in this water, without wringing it.
  • Let it air dry in the shade. Avoid full sun; the mosquito net would dry out and end up cracking miserably.

Clean your nets regularly, at least once or twice a year. This is enough to keep them in good condition without risking damaging them. In any case, the fragility of its stitches always requires a lot of delicacy. Scrub as little as possible, never put a mosquito net in a washing machine, and it will continue to protect you from biting little bugs for a long time.

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