How to clean an old carpet or rug ?

Carpeting is still popular: easy to install, comfortable, it nevertheless has the disadvantage of being less easy to clean, and ideally requires regular maintenance. But frankly, who bothers to wash their carpet thoroughly every year?

Why is it important to clean it?

And yet thorough cleaning at a reasonable frequency is strongly advocated, due to the dust mite sensitization that carpeting can cause if left to ‘infect’. Indeed it is a coating which, like any textile support (sofa, etc.) takes a lot of dust and constitutes an ideal nest for these microscopic inhabitants, creating an environment conducive to the development of allergies, which themselves can go so far as to cause asthma. The phenomenon is found in people who have never been sensitized to it before, and can particularly be triggered in children and adolescents.

How to proceed ?

In addition to the aesthetic interest of washing the carpet, because this one, especially light, also has the defect of being messy, it is therefore necessary to think about cleaning it with suitable products which will eradicate dust mites and prevent them from come back as quickly as they will have disappeared: first, dusting is necessary every week, as for the rest of the house. Steam cleaning and laundering can (and should!) be done monthly. As for complete cleaning based on UV rays or strong products that eradicate dust mites, it is good to consider it at the rate of once or twice a year, but be careful not to poison yourself either with these very very chemicals to be used with great caution and a lot of precautions.

Soft methods

Apart from these methods which require the rental of a machine or the intervention of a professional (about 50€) it is sufficient in the context of daily maintenance to wash your carpet, as soon as possible, with… vinegar white or sparkling water! You can also, as mentioned above, invest in a steam cleaner, the latter having the advantage of not using any chemicals.

For tougher stains, there’s a simple, natural stain remover that anyone can make at home: half a cup of white vinegar and two tablespoons of salt. Salt absorbs; all you have to do is rinse and, if the stain persists, dab with 50/50 sparkling water and white vinegar. These tricks are effective for coffee, wine, animal urine…

Otherwise, for a deep “home” cleaning, spread baking soda on the carpet, leave to act for 1 hour then scrub with a brush broom for 5 to 10 minutes: all that remains is to vacuum and your flowerbed will have a new look, you will be bluffed!

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