How to clean a stained concrete terrace ? Which natural products to use ?

A concrete terrace has many qualities: aesthetic, the surface is non-slip, and the material remains affordable in terms of price for a coating of this quality.

Composed of aggregates (gravel or sand) and cement, concrete is a porous material that must be protected by a surface treatment to limit the impregnation of dirt.

Routine maintenance is done by washing with soap and water. To avoid irreversible damage to the concrete surface, do not use:

  • acidic product, such as vinegar or lemon,
  • basic product such as bleach or soda crystals,
  • pressurized water,
  • of abrasive product.

Tips for removing stains using natural products

In case of stains théof caféchocolate or vin, the most effective is to intervene quickly by blotting up the liquids to limit their spreading. Gently scrub in cold, soapy water with a toothbrush, and rinse thoroughly with clear, cold water. You will do the same for a fresh stain of blood.

To remove fresh stains from red fruits or sauce tomateyou first absorb the excess with paper towels before washing and rinsing.

To rid the concrete floor of traces of chewing-gum, you pass over the surface to be treated ice cubes wrapped in a plastic bag. Once hardened, you remove the residue by gently scraping the surface with a wooden stick.

To treat a ink stain or felt, absorb the excess without spreading further. Then rub with a soft brush soaked in a mixture of water and natural alcohol, made from beets and cereals, until the stain disappears.

In case of traces of mudlet it dry then pass a soft brush and vacuum the detached residues.

The traces of rust are removed by rubbing the stain with a halved onion whose surface has been dusted with powdered sugar.

To remove stains fromoil or other greasy substances, you first sprinkle the stain with talc or Sommières clay that you cover with several sheets of paper towel. You then run a hot iron over it to help the paper absorb the grease. Make sure the fat is well absorbed. Repeat the operation until the stain disappears. Rub gently with cold soapy water and rinse thoroughly, always with cold water.

To remove a tar stain or sludge, collect as much product as possible without spreading the stain further. Then apply a little soft butter to dilute the rest. Carefully scrape off then follow the steps below for greasy stains.

If stains persist, the product has penetrated the layer protecting the concrete surface. It is then possible to test the black soap. This natural product is made from linseed oil or olive oil, which gives it a superior quality. It is available in liquid form or as a soft paste. Black soap can dissolve the protective wax layer, if it is waxed concrete. It is therefore necessary to carry out a preliminary test and limit the intervention to the strict minimum. After intervention, it will be necessary to protect the cleaned area again, after complete drying, by applying a product whose color is close to the original patina.

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