How to clean the traces of the water line of a swimming pool?

Stains around the edge of a pool are quite unsightly and can really make an otherwise functional pool unsightly. Traces can be caused by poor maintenance or things you cannot control, such as the presence of heavy metals in the water. What are the reasons for the appearance of these tasks? How to clean them? Regardless of the type of coating your pool has, it is very important to always ensure that the pH and chlorine levels are maintained at the correct levels. Discover below the causes of the appearance of these marks depending on the coating of your swimming pool and above all see how to remedy them.

Why does the water line get dirty?

Traces at your waterline have multiple causes. The very first is the chemical action of the products that you pour into your pool for its maintenance. The second is the simple wear and tear on your pool: the more you use your pool, the dirtier it gets. The third is exposure to light: UV radiation tends to damage your coating, especially at the waterline. The fourth reason is those of weather conditions. And finally, traces may appear at the level of the water line because of the oils and sun creams used by bathers. The fatty substances present in these products cause traces. And all these reasons can cause stains, pollution: elements that need to be cleaned.

How to clean water line marks?

To clean the traces, you have two very simple solutions: by hand or with a robot. To clean by hand, equip yourself with a suitable brush and an appropriate cleaning product. With a little elbow grease, you’ll get there. Of course, don’t use a sponge with a classic scraper, you risk damaging your coating – it all depends on the nature of it, of course.

As for the solution of cleaning with a robot, it is more expensive but will guarantee you more comfort. All you have to do is start the machine, which will automatically clean your water line.

Why do you need to clean the water line of your swimming pool?

Cleaning your water line is essential. This is the place where the first algae or bacteria can appear if it is not cleaned. The challenge is aesthetic as well as preventive. Not only is it a question of removing dirt that catches the eye, but also of delaying the natural wear of your coating as much as possible. Some coating materials are more sensitive to these traces. For example, if you are the owner of a swimming pool with a liner, you will have to be more careful.

How to clean the water line of your swimming pool according to its coating?

Is your pool tiled? Does it have a liner? Another type of coating? Whatever type of pool liner you have, marks often appear at the waterline. So you have to clean them every week.

Clean the water line of a tiled swimming pool

Tiling or mosaic tiles used in swimming pools are very resistant to wear, but eventually succumb to stains. The traces are mainly caused by an accumulation of limestone. It nestles on the surface, making it rougher, less shiny. Once it starts to really stick, it may brown a bit from sunscreen, pollen, or other greasy deposits. If the limestone becomes thicker, you can remove it with hydrochloric acid. If that doesn’t work you can always replace some tiling tiles but this is expensive and requires your pool to be drained.

Clean the water line of a swimming pool with a liner

In pools with liner, there are 2 types of coating. There are very thin liners, which have no reinforcement or treatment against UV or chemical attack. These liners may have purple spots at the waterline due to copper in the water, brown spots due to sunscreen, or yellow spots due to pollen. It is very difficult to clean these stains, because this type of liner is very thin. Reinforced liners are treated so that their color is protected, so they have a much longer lifespan. If stains appear, they can be cleaned using detergent or specific cleaners. The most important thing is not to let stains accumulate.

Clean the waterline of a painted pool

Here the problems are broadly similar to those above, but lime scale is not so much of an issue. The water line can be cleaned with a detergent, such as washing up liquid. This removes greasy deposits that give your pool edge an unsightly appearance. If this solution fails, you have the option of painting the area or repainting your entire pool.

What is the ultimate solution to cleaning your water line when nothing is working?

Sometimes, no matter how you maintain your pool, the water line remains very dirty, simply because your pool is no longer very recent, because the water is of poor quality or has a high lime content. . So if after repeated attempts to eliminate these stains, it remains inconclusive, it is because you have to resolve to change the edge of your pool or simply the entirety of your coating.

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