How to create a beautiful decoration for Christmas ?

During the holidays, we often want to redecorate our decor or add little personalized fancy touches. It is very easy, for example, to make scented candles based on gel, or decorative balls in rope or string.

Decorative objects to renew all year round, in the colors of the seasons and according to the inspiration of the moment – ​​not just at Christmas time!

Pretty gel candles

Material: candle gel (in manual decoration store or order from online catalog); a container of your choice (glass or recycling jar); thermometer, perfume, candle colorant; waxed wicks on base; pipette for dye and perfume; decorative sand of your choice; a stir stick; any element you want to add to the candle (beads, figurines, shells, dried fruits…); aluminum saucepan and container; clamp; wooden stake.

Realization – first step, you have to prepare the gel: fill the aluminum container with candle gel. Melt in a bain-marie in a pan of hot water, then add the liquid coloring and the perfume using a pipette.

Mix with a wooden stick (stick or disposable Chinese chopstick). Pay attention to the temperatures: if you want a candle without bubbles, heat the gel to 100° then leave to cool and pour into its final container at around 70°. The more liquid the gel, the more bubbles there will be; thus, for a candle with a maximum of bubbles, pour the gel almost immediately after boiling (about 80-90°). Bubbles can also be obtained by re-mixing the gel once poured.

Personalization – once the gel is colored and scented, in short, it has everything to please! – take the glass jar and plunge the wick into the center of it; secure with a wooden stake supported horizontally on the edges of the glass. If you want a simple candle, the gel just has to harden. For a candle with a more elaborate decoration, arrange all the chosen elements (sand at the bottom of the pot, pebble, dried flowers, characters, etc.) before pouring the gel while it is still hot, then add the wick

Create balls of string

Materials: balloons, string or fine cord (like raffia), wallpapering glue, dyes of your choice, brush, needle. This realization is very simple and can be done with or by children.

Manufacturing – inflate as many balloons as you want balls, to the desired size(s); tie the balloons well. Generously surround each balloon with a rope: cover without creating too much thickness.

Secure the ends of the string by winding it over the knot of the balloon. Then brush everything with glue + dye: the string must be well soaked; let dry 24 hours. When the ball has become hard, puncture the balloon and carefully remove the debris through the holes.

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