How to create a light garland for the outside ?

The arrival of fine weather invites you to spend more time on the terrace. At nightfall, it is possible to brighten up and illuminate your garden or veranda by simply installing light garlands. Recycling and DIY enthusiasts, this tutorial will help you create your outdoor lighting at a low price.

Collect small Swiss to make beautiful light garlands

In the wonderful world of DIY (Do it yourself), nothing is lost, everything is transformed. This rule applies even to the most insignificant objects such as small colored Swiss. To create this outdoor light garland, harvest as much as possible. Drill holes in the bottom of pots to accommodate small lamps.

Then remove the rigid collar using a cutter. During this step, be careful because it is very sharp. Once this is done, make patterns with the small Swiss. Take inspiration, for example, from flower petals. Tulips are fairly easy to make, just use pinking shears to cut out the edges. Then, incise four parts of the pot to make the petals.

Now that your little pots are ready, all you have to do is put on the light garlands. The choice of these is crucial to guarantee the longevity of your lighting system. The ideal is to opt for LEDs. Energy-efficient, they offer relatively powerful lighting to completely illuminate your outdoor space. On the price side, they are not more expensive than the classic garlands. Another thing: make sure that the fireflies or diodes have a protective cap against humidity.

Use badminton shuttlecocks

A funny idea but oh so aesthetic: transform simple badminton shuttlecocks into a light garland to brighten up your facade. For this operation, you will need several badminton shuttlecocks, a led light garland, a pointed tool or an x-acto knife. First step: remove the head of the ruffles. Then drill the area under the head to insert the led.

Use your x-acto knife or just a sharp tool for this. Insert the lighting then reattach the heads to their plastic skirts. Your garland is ready to be installed. The ideal is to choose badminton shutters of different colors in order to bring a more cheerful spirit to your outdoor lighting. If you want to obtain a particular color, in this case, you will have to choose the plain white models and then paint them using spray paint.

Recycle Nespress capsules

In the same style, Nespresso capsules are also recyclable to be transformed into light garlands. However, as they are relatively fragile, it is better that they be installed under the courtyard, under the awning or a veranda which will protect them from rain and excessive wind.

To carry out the operation, you need a led garland, several emptied and cleaned Nespresso capsules and a toothpick. Start by piercing the bottom of the capsules using the toothpick. Do not use a knife as it may damage the capsule. Next step: introduce the led inside. Add a little glue to ensure their stability against the wind.

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