How to create a master suite in a small space ?

The quintessential master suite is a three-in-one room that’s supposed to bring three together for parent comfort. It must include a sleeping area, with the bedroom, a storage area, with the dressing room, and a bathroom area, with the bathroom or the shower room. The parental suite has been a major trend for several years and this formula has attracted many French people thanks to the comfort it provides. Parents have everything they need close at hand and can enjoy it in complete privacy.

However, it is not always easy to design a master suite in a cramped space. As part of a renovation or even a design of a new house, the space to be given to the space dedicated to parents can be very limited, most often for reasons of layout and budget. So how do you successfully arrange your master suite in a small space? Our solutions in this file.

Convert your bedroom into a master suite

The bedroom is the easiest space to arrange. If the space to devote to the parental suite is limited, you will have to revise the dimensions of the sleeping area downwards. To do this, limit your furniture to the minimum necessary. Your bed being the centerpiece of the place, it is difficult to give it up, unless you opt for a model that unfolds and folds up every day, but you risk becoming tired of these daily changes very quickly. So leave your bed in its place and sort out the rest.

If you need one or two bedside tables, you can opt for small shelves to be fixed to the wall to save space. Fix your lights in height rather than opting for bedside lamps. In a bedroom, we rarely need more than that. The dressing room can be used to house your clothes, but also certain accessories that would have required additional furniture. If you like to have books within reach, attach shelves to the walls, and if you can’t do without your TV, hang it on the wall as well to avoid adding a dedicated piece of furniture.

Organize your dressing room in the master suite

The dressing room is the space dedicated to the storage and storage of clothes. As part of a classic parental suite, it is a room in its own right separated from the sleeping area and the hygiene area by an open or closed partition with a door or a curtain. However, in a very small space, it is difficult to make the dressing room an isolated space.

To arrange it, you have the possibility of integrating it into the sleeping area that is your bedroom, but of delimiting the areas by other functions. Your headboard can, for example, act as a border in order to arrange your dressing room behind it. You can also install a small glass partition that won’t encroach on your space and that will allow light to pass through while marking a boundary.

If these ideas aren’t feasible in your cramped suite, you have the option of playing with upholstery. Why not imagine a different floor and walls between the sleeping area and the dressing area, insofar as the spaces are linked in the same room while being used separately?

Finally, you also have the option of fully integrating your dressing room into your bedroom by opting for a wardrobe that takes up an entire section of your wall, from floor to ceiling. By closing it with sliding or hinged doors, you have an integrated dressing room in your master suite without wasting space.

Arrange your bathroom in the master suite

The arrangement of the water feature is more complex, since it greatly depends on the wishes and habits of the parents. While most appreciate installing a shower there, others swear by the bathtub, while still others cannot do without both. However, in a cramped space, it is better to make compromises and make the right choices!

You should also consider the needs of the room. Will it be dedicated to hygiene or is the addition of sanitary facilities necessary? What is the desired privacy for the couple in this particular space? If the shower or the bath can be visible from the bedroom, the same cannot be said of the toilets. Finally, it is also important to consider noise. When one of the spouses washes while the other is still sleeping, it can disturb the latter.

Once these criteria have been taken into account, it is important to sort out the essential elements and arrange them in order to save as much space as possible. If the piece of water is desired isolated and closed, it will be necessary to take into account the space of the partition and the influence of the door for its opening, unless opting for a sliding model.

On the other hand, it is possible to save space by separating the bathroom only with a half-partition, a glass roof or a small piece of wall which divides and delimits the spaces without encroaching on the room.

As you can see, there are many solutions for fitting out a master suite in a small space. You may be forced to make compromises, but don’t give up on your project, because anything is possible!

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