How to create a Moroccan living room at home ?

After crossing a small vestibule and a dark corridor, you are in a place where the key words are calm and harmony. The architecture of the place, its materials, its colors, its smells and its sounds immerse you in the heart of Morocco. Yet you are in your living room. How did the magic of decoration work? Morocco is a unique, radiant country, with a decoration that is recognizable among all. The country has a strong identity. It is a setting where the pigments take on an incomparable intensity. It is a country full of warmth and friendliness: large benches, low furniture, cushions, rugs and draperies are the symbols of any good self-respecting Moroccan living room, whether it is more traditional in style or quite modern. How to recreate this Moroccan atmosphere in your living room, this warm and resolutely chic side? Here are some tips that will make your living room a real invitation to travel.

Cushions galore

The Moroccan living room is not afraid of the variety of colors, patterns and prints. It is even what makes its mark. To bring authenticity and comfort, multiply the cushions which come as so many touches of color and softness on the sofa in your living room. Because it is the friendliness that is the very essence of Moroccan living rooms. And what could be warmer than lots of cushions? Play the card of splendor and brilliance!

Moroccan rugs

Install a large and beautiful Berber rug in the middle of your room, a rug that tells a story. Berber carpets and kilims are sumptuous patterned carpets, references of Moroccan decoration.

Moroccan rugs are often must-have decorative pieces for design enthusiasts, as they are usually one-of-a-kind pieces that bring a special style to any place. Their tones can be extraordinarily bright or, on the contrary, completely neutral. They are mostly patterned. Due to their understated elegance and endless variety, they work just as well in very contemporary interiors as with more bohemian ones. In short, these beautiful handwoven pieces will add personality to your living room.

Patterned tiles

Tiling in bright, contrasting hues is a very common element of authentically Moroccan spaces. Moroccan-style patterned tiling is particularly eye-catching, you can reserve it for the entrance to your home or the entrance to your main room.

Room for extravagance

Moroccan decoration has this advantage: it can allow you to give free rein to your desires, even the craziest. You can choose large patterns, shimmering colors, flashy details, with her, anything goes. The Moroccan decoration, more than any other, allows extravagance.

The pouf, Moroccan seat par excellence

It is the essential of a Moroccan living room. Serving both as a seat and a footrest, it is a classic element that brings warmth and comfort to your interior. It can be embroidered, worked, or on the contrary quite simple. It is a centerpiece to showcase Moroccan craftsmanship. It is in itself an invitation to travel. Present in rooms with bohemian and nomadic decoration, the pouf is a small jewel of craftsmanship, most often in real leather, and sewn by hand.

Moroccan fabrics

Morocco is a land of craftsmanship. The richness, simplicity and beauty of all its woven items is well established. Cushions, plaids, wall hangings or rugs, opt for elements in an identical color palette. Muslins, hangings, it is the fabrics and their colors and prints or weaves that set the tone in decoration.

Lighting with oriental charm

How about an oriental, mysterious and magical suspension? Metal lamps are another classic decorative element seen in Morocco. Whether lanterns or suspensions allowing points of light to pass through, Moroccan lamps bring a touch of magic to your living room. For an atmosphere worthy of the greatest Moroccan riads, add photophores and many candles.

A cozy alcove

Woodworking is one of the glories of Moroccan craftsmanship. The carved wooden moucharabiehs will make magnificent screens in your living room. These carved decorative panels really make the singularity of a Moroccan decoration. They allow you to see without being seen… And thus define a 100% comfortable alcove.

Leather for your sofa

The authenticity of the Moroccan living room lies in the choice of the leather of the sofa and in the shaping of the leather of the benches. Leather can be declined in a whole range of natural colors: cream, chocolate, caramel, etc. Moroccan craftsmen excel in the work of skins, so it is logical that we find this material very present in Moroccan decoration. Used for sofas or poufs, it is also used for certain sideboards or other pieces of furniture, which can also be used in traditional or more contemporary interiors.

Mix styles and materials

The Moroccan decorating style has this advantage is that it blends well with almost all other decorating styles. Do you have a more Scandinavian-oriented interior? No problem, add a soft sofa, bright colors, low furniture and precious materials and you have a unique style of decoration: yours.

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