How to create an office room at home?

When working from home, it is more comfortable to have a real office. This space can be a room in its own right or a small dedicated corner in a living room, lounge or bedroom. Either way, it is imperative that the office be comfortable, functional, practical and enjoyable. Discover our tips for arranging this room in your home.

Choose the right office in the right place

To work in good conditions, it is imperative to have a suitable office. We are talking here about the office furniture, and not just the room as a whole. To do this, choose it according to your activity, your needs, your uses and the space you have. You are indeed supposed to spend several hours a day on this desk, so it is essential to choose it well so as not to be mistaken!

Choose the office model that suits you. If you need storage and small equipment, an integrated or independent box is essential and more comfortable. If you do a lot of computer or paper work, you tend to keep yourself in a bent position with your shoulders hunched. So prefer a desk well adjusted in height or a seated standing model, very trendy and ergonomic, in order to avoid back pain.

Get comfortable doing your job and invest in a desk that fits your space. If you only have a small space, you will be more constrained than in a large dedicated room. So buy a piece of furniture that matches it, even if it means making your own custom office using planks.

Finally, think about the orientation of your office, both in terms of view and comfort of use. You may prefer to face the wall to concentrate better, or face the window to let your imagination run wild, or face the entrance to welcome your visitors or feel less guarded. The choice is yours, but think about designing your space according to your needs. Likewise, if you need regular access to materials, files, or your printer, make sure you have them close at hand so you don’t have to move around, turn around, or twist around all day long.

Optimize storage

To avoid cluttering up your office while having everything you need within reach, it is important to have suitable storage. Lighten the space by opting for shelves or cabinets, or even wall shelves that will allow you to store your equipment without getting in the way.

There is a huge range of modular storage these days, to slide under the desk or fit into a small space, as well as folding worktops to serve your needs. Take advantage of these advantages to save space and have everything you need within arm’s reach.

Think of the light

To work in good conditions, make sure you have good light sources. It is recommended to have natural light by means of a window, quality lighting in the form of a ceiling light for optimal brightness and a desk lamp to take advantage of a more moderate and softer intensity. .

There are models of lamps with dimmers to modulate the brightness according to your needs at the time. Do not neglect this point, because poor lighting prematurely tires the eyes and affects the quality of the work.

Invest in the right accessories

To work well at home, you have to feel good in your office. So buy the essential accessories and equipment. Acquire an ergonomic chair, more practical and more comfortable. If you spend long hours at your desk, this type of chair is preferred to relieve your back by respecting your morphology. Admittedly, they cost more, but you will not regret your investment thanks to the comfort you will gain!

Also consider supports for computer screens. Make sure you are working in good conditions by placing it at the right height. Ergonomic mice and keyboards are also important for your comfort, but be sure to test them out before committing, as not all shapes are suitable for everyone! Finally, raise your feet slightly using a tilting footrest, it will be much more comfortable for your blood circulation and to avoid the feeling of heavy legs at the end of the day.

The right decorative touch

Just because your office is dedicated to your work doesn’t mean you can’t arrange it to your liking! Make it a pleasant space to live in, because you will spend several hours there a day. Decorate the space with frames, hangings, plaids, cushions, rugs and all the accessories you want to make it your cocoon. Arrange if you wish – and if you can – a cocooning space with the necessary to have a tea or a coffee for example.

Consider plants, which are a great way to decorate the space and purify the air. A little nature and greenery will give you less the impression of working withdrawn, you will have the feeling of escaping in your garden.

In addition, the decor is a good way to delimit an office space in another room. Play with partitions, half-partitions, canopies, hangings or screens if you wish, or visually separate the spaces with different wall and floor coverings.

Let your desires do the talking to make your office your very own space, in which you will enjoy working!

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