How to create your own bedside table?

In a bedroom, a bedside cabinet (or table) is both decorative and practical: to place a lamp, alarm clock, books, glasses or telephone…

This type of furniture is easy to make yourself, as long as you are a little handy. In cardboard, “recovered” wood or new planks, the choice of materials and tools is essential to obtain a good result. Here’s an easy-to-execute method to create an oak bedside table.

Make a bedside table: the material

For this realization, you will need 3 planks of oak wood (to be cut in a DIY store); screws ; a drill ; a circular saw; a graduated ruler and a metal square; paint. The oak can be replaced by chestnut or cherry, but the main thing is to have quality wood (no plywood or chipboard). The woods must be dry so that there is no “play” once the piece of furniture is completed. Instead of screws, it is possible to use wood glue and tightening tools.

The different stages of production

First, it is necessary to make an approximate “plan” of the desired bedside table model (you can find many examples on the internet); once the drawing is done, measure the boards for cutting. Be careful not to provide furniture that is too high: you must be able to reach the top by simply extending your arm from the bed.

It is advisable to have a plane to gradually eliminate the roughness during cutting. Once the wood has been cut to the right dimensions, comes the moment of assembly: if you want to use nails, it is better to prevent them from showing on the surface of the table for a more aesthetic look. We can also screw the boards, but the easiest way is to use a wood glue if your assembly is strong enough as well. After assembly, finish with the plane and sand with fine sandpaper, in the direction of the wood grain.

Personalize your bedside table

When the furniture is finished, it remains to move on to the decoration: choose the paint according to the other furniture in the room and the walls. You can also varnish the bedside table or simply leave it raw, if you prefer the natural look of wood. The varnish can take different shades, which will be chosen in accordance with the original color of the wood: this will allow it to be emphasized while protecting the furniture. Even if your piece of furniture has no drawers, you can attach small earthenware or wooden knobs to add “character”; in the same way, it is possible to paint floral motifs or other ornaments on it.

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