How to descale and clean a dishwasher?

Over time and use, the dishwasher becomes clogged and accumulates greasy deposits, limescale and food residues, which causes bad odors and can compromise the effectiveness of the washes. In order for your household appliance to work properly and provide you with optimal quality washes, it is necessary to maintain it properly. Here are our tips for cleaning and descaling your dishwasher with ease.

How to clean and descale a dishwasher?

Several solutions are possible to effectively clean and descale your dishwasher.

white vinegar

White vinegar is an effective, economical and environmentally friendly way to clean and remove limescale from your dishwasher. It is also a perfect ally for the interior, because it cleans the whole house or almost with incomparable efficiency.

To clean, degrease and descale your dishwasher, simply pour the equivalent of approximately half a liter of white vinegar into the washing-up liquid compartment of the appliance. Remove all dishes so that the dishwasher is empty. Run it on the hottest cycle possible.

Lemon and baking soda

Lemon and baking soda are very useful ingredients for cleaning and degreasing the dishwasher. They are allies of the interior recognized for their degreasing and sanitizing virtues. Soft, they restore shine and radiance while eliminating bad odors.

Squeeze the juice from a fresh lemon and immediately pour it into the dishwashing liquid compartment of the dishwasher. Add two full tablespoons of baking soda and start your dishwasher. It is important that it is empty and that you choose the hottest program. Your appliance will be descaled, clean and it will smell pleasantly good.

If your dishwasher is particularly dirty, replace the baking soda with soda crystals.

citric acid

When the dishwasher is very dirty and it can no longer properly clean the dishes that become tarnished and remain greasy, citric acid is an effective solution. However, it will need to be thoroughly cleaned.

Start by unplugging the device and removing all removable parts. Remove the filter and clean it with a brush and washing-up liquid. Eliminate all the residues that are there. Do not hesitate to let it soak in a mixture of hot water, dishwashing liquid and soda crystals to loosen the grease.

Strip the wash arms with a sponge soaked in hot water and washing-up liquid. Clean the joint and its gutter with white vinegar.

Finally, pour 250 ml of white vinegar and 6 tablespoons of citric acid into the device, then run it empty with the hottest setting.

What preventive tips to avoid having to clean or descale your dishwasher often?

For your dishwasher to operate in optimal conditions and to avoid having to descale it too often, it is recommended that you maintain it regularly to limit clogging.

We advise you to rinse your dishes beforehand with tap water when they are covered with food residues. This will prevent greasy residue and bad smells. Regularly clean the dishwasher filter to remove any food waste that gets stuck in it.

Do not hesitate to regularly pour a glass of white vinegar to remove the limestone that accumulates over time in the device. In addition, white vinegar will restore shine to your dishes. A glass once or twice a month during a hot wash cycle is sufficient for classic and preventive maintenance.

To avoid bad smells, a little lemon juice in the dishwashing detergent compartment is a good way to act in prevention.

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