How to descale and clean the soleplate of an iron ?

When an iron is new, its soleplate shines particularly well and glides perfectly on any fabric. But as soon as it has been used several times, if you do not maintain your iron, the shine of the soleplate does not last. This gets stuck. It doesn’t affect the function of the iron at first so you don’t worry too much about it, but after a while it can lead to streaks on your clothes that are a bit coarser, especially if you’ve ironed something too hot and the material sticks. In this case, you need to clean and descale your iron quickly. The best is then to clean your device regularly so that it remains operational and that the soleplate continues to slide well for a long time. Because after a while, it can become dull.

Tips for cleaning the soleplate of your iron

Is the soleplate of your iron turning brown? Isn’t it simply due to impurities in the water you use? Either way, it leaves streaks on your fabrics and it’s never very pleasant. Before changing your iron or steam generator, try the following tips. Be patient.

Marseille soap

To remove stains from your iron, Marseille soap is ideal. Use soapy water and apply it to the soleplate of your still warm iron. Rub with a soft, damp cloth or a low-abrasive sponge.

baking soda

It is the essential natural cleaning product. Also in this case, pour a small amount of baking soda on a damp cloth and run it over the warm soleplate of your iron. Rub and then wipe with a dry cloth.


If there is any fabric left on the soleplate after ironing too hot, you can remove it with a regular eraser. Just rub it in once the iron has cooled and the remnants should come off easily.

oven cleaner

If you have an oven spray at home, you can also use that. To do this, spray a little oven spray on your warm iron and, after a short time, wipe your soleplate with an old cloth to remove the dirt. Then clean your soleplate with lukewarm water and put the water back into the tank of your device. It is imperative that you run it to clear all the steam exit holes.

candle wax

Using a piece of candle, wrapped in a cloth, you can remove all the burnt residue that blackens your sole. To do this, pass the candle wrapped in the cloth several times over your hot sole. Once done, your iron soleplate should slide back like it did on day one.

hydrogen peroxide

Wet a cloth with hydrogen peroxide and pass it over the warm soleplate of your iron. Then wipe with a clean, dry cloth.

Tips for regular cleaning of your iron

table salt

Put table salt on a small piece of cotton or a damp cloth and rub with the soleplate of your iron.


Place toothpaste on your iron soleplate a few millimeters thick. Then rub with a damp cloth. Finish cleaning with a damp sponge or cloth.

Ceramic glass cleaner

Put some ceramic glass cleaner on a damp cloth, apply a thin layer to the soleplate and rub it. Then smooth with a dry cloth. All dirt should normally disappear.

Lemon juice or concentrate

To get rid of your dirt, moisten a cloth with lemon juice or concentrate and rub the hot iron. You can also apply half a lemon directly. Finally dry with a cloth.

clay stone

Clay stone is a product known to make metals shine. Put some on a cloth and rub the soleplate of your iron. Then let the magic happen!

nail polish remover

If your iron soleplate sticks to fabrics, apply nail polish remover – the one you use to remove your nail polish, preferably without acetone. Then pass a damp cloth. And let it act for a few hours.

Advice if your iron no longer slides properly


Use a cloth soaked in vinegar. Place it on the surface of the soleplate of your cold or warm iron for a few minutes then rub it. You can also use white vinegar. When you’re done cleaning, use a paper towel. You can bring a cotton swab to fine-tune the cleaning of the holes in your soleplate – from which the steam escapes.

of the silicone spray

Spray a silicone spray on a cloth, apply it to the previously cleaned iron and rub it. Repeat this operation 1 to 2 times.

A sheet of aluminum

Iron several times with your hot iron a piece of aluminum foil. After ironing in this way, the iron glides again as traces and deposits are removed in the process.

emery cloth

If your sole is really very dirty, opt for emery cloth. You just need to use a very fine-grained canvas that you will rub.

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