How to divide a room into two spaces without doing major work ?

There are many solutions to rearrange a large bedroom into two very distinct universes without doing major work. The idea is to optimize the space at a lower cost, in a minimum of time while obtaining a functional and aesthetic result. Find out how to create an office in a child’s room, a large dressing room in the master bedroom or even two perfectly separated sleeping areas in the same room.

A curtain to create a parental suite

Easy to set up and accessible to the smallest budgets, the curtain can become an element of separation in its own right. Ideal in a parental suite, it separates the dressing room from the sleeping area or can delimit the bedroom from the private bathroom. We choose it blackout to completely hide the light of day or on the contrary transparent in order to play the card of transparency.

Creator of atmosphere, the curtain answers all the desires, harmonizes with each style. Colorful or ultra sober, plain, printed, it allows you to bring the desired touch, ethnic, exotic, Zen, Urban chic or Pop Art for example… to each his own universe. Perfect for DIY enthusiasts, the curtain is THE ultra smart room divider, which can be changed according to the mood or the seasons.

A sliding panel to create a new space

The sliding panel is an element as practical as it is decorative, refined and more original than the simple plasterboard partition with hinged door. It divides a room without partitioning the spaces definitively. It comes in a wide range of models and can be made up of 1 to 4 panels. It therefore adapts to all configurations. It is chosen semi-opaque because it preserves the intimacy of the premises while allowing light to pass through.

Opting for a room divider without floor rails is a real good idea. This removable partition is suitable for owners of their accommodation but also for tenants who can recover it in the event of a move. It arises in a jiffy and allows you to transform the interior space. With brick partition or wall-mounted, it enhances the interior space and facilitates circulation from one space to another. Not requiring a track on the floor, the suspended sliding panel is particularly recommended for dividing a bedroom into two spaces intended for a person with reduced mobility.

A partition-bookcase to delimit two interior spaces

A few judiciously placed shelves are enough to create two well-separated parts in a room while putting culture in the spotlight. To benefit from a beautiful light throughout the room, it is preferable to choose bottomless lockers on which books and decorative objects will naturally find their place. The bookcase partition is a layout solution that offers several advantages, whether the space is reserved for children or adults.

It is modular, functional and timeless. It adapts to all styles, from the most classic to the ultra design. Easy to repaint, it lends itself to all fantasies and allows you to create two totally different worlds to suit the tastes of each occupant. This asset is important when the large bedroom is intended to be occupied by a brother and a sister or two roommates for example.

A green wall to separate sleeping area and office space

Here is a nice way to arrange an interior: the vertical garden is perfect for dividing a large, very bright bedroom into two distinct areas. In the evening, thanks to LED lighting, the visual result is breathtaking. In addition to its aesthetic qualities, the green wall creates an indisputable acoustic screen and has no equal in improving the quality of the ambient air because many plants are depolluting. In addition, placed between the bedroom and the office area, the screen of greenery promotes meditation.

Moreover, plant lovers are not mistaken: inviting nature into the home is essential to feel calm and better concentrate. To create a plant partition to separate a bedroom in two, the solutions are unlimited: suspended glass balls, small pots to put on colored shelves, wall equipped with an irrigation circuit… Install this type of natural partition at home requires some plant knowledge. Before opting for this solution, it is better to inquire with a specialist.

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