How to drain a hot water tank ?

Hot water tanks need to be drained to extend their lifespan and above all, to save energy. You can undertake this operation yourself, provided you follow a few basic rules.

Doing the emptying yourself: the first steps

The first step in draining is to turn off all power sources. To do this, you can remove the cumulus fuse or simply switch off the main circuit breaker. This precaution is essential to prevent the heating element from turning on when the tank is empty. This can contribute to damage to the device. Next, locate the cold water supply line faucet. In principle, it must be on the water pipe connected to the appliance.

Be sure to open the hot water supply line valves afterwards. Once done, install a garden hose at the drain valve. It is imperative that the hose be placed in a sink or other drain. This operation being quite delicate, children and pets must be kept away.

The emptying itself

Open the hot water valve then the drain valve located on the cumulus. The water must drain completely. So you have to be patient. Unit may be filled with sediment. To dislodge them, you must turn off the drain valve and turn on the cold water tap. All the dirt will escape thanks to the pressure exerted by the water. The ideal is to repeat the operation many times.

In case the water is not clear enough, it is best to let the cold water continue to flow while opening the drain valve. You can stop the operation as soon as the water is sufficiently transparent. The last steps to be carried out consist of closing the drain valve, removing the garden hose and opening the valve dedicated to the cold water supply. Finish by turning off the hot water taps.

The advantage of carrying out this operation

Purging a water heater removes all traces of limescale. An accumulation of this substance can actually cause the device to malfunction while causing excessive energy consumption. Draining thus increases the service life of the device, reduces the risk of breakdowns and above all optimizes the performance of the water heater. This operation controls the temperature of the hot water so that it can remain constant. The risk of burns and other dangers are thus eliminated.

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