How to fence your at home ? Pros and cons of different types of fences

Fence your property is an interesting choice to strengthen the security of your home by limiting break-in attempts, but it is also a good way to preserve your privacy. In addition, a fence enhances the home and provides significant aesthetic added value in the event of rental or resale, and undeniable comfort for the layout of the garden. To help you make the best choice, let’s take a look at the different types of fences available for your new home and their advantages and disadvantages. See also, fence regulations.

The mesh fence

A mesh fence remains the least expensive solution since it takes 10 to 15 euros per linear meter. The mesh consists of a metal mesh which is covered or not with a layer of PVC. There are two types of mesh, the most flexible, economical, but not very resistant, and the rigid mesh, more expensive, but also stronger.

The benefits of wire mesh

  • Wire mesh is economical.
  • It is an easy to lay material.
  • It is durable and solid, provided you opt for a rigid model.
  • It does not require maintenance.

The disadvantages of wire mesh

  • The choice of models is limited, but there are fences that are prettier than others.
  • The rendering is unattractive compared to a beautiful wooden, stone, wrought iron or concrete fence.
  • Placed alone, it does not preserve the privacy of the occupants of the property, but it can be embellished with a plant hedge to hide visibility.
  • It does not hinder intrusion attempts, because it can be cut with pliers.

The concrete fence

This high-end fence is more expensive than the mesh model, with an average of 70 to 100 euros per square meter, but it is ideal for all types of houses thanks to its combination of modernity and sobriety. It can be infinitely customizable by any type of color or surface facing, but also of shape. Solid, it is made of concrete blocks covered with plaster or siding. Not always easy to install, it further curbs intrusion attempts and protects from prying eyes. On the other hand, the height of these fences is often very limited by the municipalities.

The benefits of concrete fencing

  • Very solid, it slows down malicious individuals.
  • Resistant, it is not affected by bad weather, heat, frost or harmful insects.
  • The concrete fence can be personalized at will.

The disadvantages of the concrete fence

  • Its price is significantly higher than most other types of fences.
  • Its installation is not really complex for those who know a minimum in the field, but it is essential to respect the rules of construction in order to avoid the risk of cracking.

The stone fence

As solid as a concrete fence, the stone fence has the advantage of being even more aesthetic. Stone gives your exterior its natural charm and inimitable rustic warmth. Unfortunately, it is the most expensive type of fence, with between 250 and 300 euros per square meter on average. We’re talking real stone here, not stone facing on a concrete wall.

The advantages of stone fencing

  • The charm of the stone fence is inimitable.
  • It is suitable for all homes, the most modern as well as the most traditional, including those made of wood.
  • Very solid, it resists all weathers.

The disadvantages of the stone fence

  • The cost of this fence is the highest.
  • The design of real stone fences is complex.

The metal fence

The wrought iron metal fence is very aesthetic and appreciated for its elegant design and its solidity. This aspect of the grid is sober and refined, it has the advantage of adapting to the oldest houses as well as to the most modern ones. It is also an excellent means of deterring intrusions, but for an expensive price, with 100 to 200 euros per linear meter on average. On the other hand, it does not hide enough and must be accompanied by a claustra or a plant hedge to preserve vis-à-vis.

The advantages of metal fencing

  • The wrought iron gate is aesthetic, elegant and refined. It can take on different styles.
  • Robust, it resists well to shocks and difficult weather.
  • It also slows down intrusion attempts.

The disadvantages of metal fencing

  • The choice of customization remains limited and the classic models can seem somewhat austere.
  • Privacy is difficult to preserve since this fence is perforated.
  • It requires regular maintenance to preserve it from rust.

The wooden fence

The traditional wooden fence is making a strong comeback for its criteria of resistance, durability and ecology. In addition, wood is a noble and naturally warm material that is attracting more and more people. This type of fence is generally sold as a panel, but it exists in a small simple fence. It takes an average of 40 to 60 euros per linear meter, but the price can increase with expensive and rot-proof species.

The advantages of wooden fencing

  • The wooden fence is easy to install, it is enough to be equipped.
  • Economical, it remains an inexpensive solution for its aesthetics.
  • Wood is a naturally beautiful and warm material, and the choice of various models and colors is perfect to meet all tastes.

The disadvantages of the wooden fence

  • The wooden fence in the form of a trellis offers wind resistance which can be restrictive in the event of bad weather. Uprooting is not uncommon!
  • Intrusion attempts are not really slowed down with a wooden fence, which remains easily passable.
  • It requires regular maintenance to preserve its beauty and longevity.

The PVC fence

PVC is a very popular material in home furnishings thanks to its attractive cost. The PVC fence remains a solid, maintenance-free and elegant mid-range model, but which retains the beauty of new for a short time. More expensive than a fence, but also more resistant, it can be declined in several forms, but it is rare to find colors other than white.

The advantages of PVC fence

  • Economical, its price is attracting more and more people.
  • Easy to install, it can be chosen to recall the design of the shutters or the joinery of the house.
  • It requires no maintenance.

The disadvantages of PVC fence

  • If the PVC is resistant, it unfortunately yellows over time and its surface wears out; the new appearance is not very durable.
  • The choice of colors is limited.

The plant fence

100% ecological, the green fence is made up of climbing plants and shrubs. Easy to establish, it requires maintenance, but it evolves over the year with beauty. It clearly delimits the plots visually, but it does not form a barrier to intruders, including for dogs and cats who can move from one property to another. Count 20 to 250 euros per linear meter depending on the species chosen.

The benefits of green fencing

  • Aesthetic, it can be of different colors throughout the year depending on the varieties chosen.
  • Its cost is attractive, provided you opt for inexpensive species.
  • It respects the environment and is suitable for all types of homes.
  • It preserves well vis-à-vis.

The disadvantages of the green fence

  • The green fence requires regular maintenance.
  • Little dissuasive towards intruders, it does not really delimit the plots and lets the animals pass.

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