How to make a fly trap ?

As soon as the first heats appear, the flies appear. These insects are not dangerous, but the flies are particularly painful to bear when they twirl around food on the terrace or within the house itself. Fortunately, it is possible to make homemade fly traps very simply in order to eliminate these insects or to trap them before releasing them into the wild. Discover our solutions.

How to make your fly trap?

To make your fly trap, two possibilities are available to you in terms of container: the plastic bottle and the glass jar.

The fly trap in a plastic bottle

The plastic bottle is the most used solution for making a homemade fly trap. This is indeed a simple way to attract them.

To do this, equip yourself with a rigid plastic bottle to prevent it from crushing and leaving escapes for insects. Empty it and remove its cap.

Cut the bottle in half using a cutter, being careful not to hurt yourself. Ideally, cut at about 1/3 of the height of the bottle starting from the top to leave 2/3 at the bottom.

After placing your bait in the lower part of the bottle, turn the upper part over to form a funnel with the neck and fit it on the lower part. You can fix the two parts together if necessary with a wide adhesive tape to reinforce the effectiveness of the trap and/or to better maintain the whole.

From time to time, open the trap to eliminate dead flies or to release caught flies away from home.

The fly trap in a glass jar

More ecological, this solution is also very practical for making a fly trap, especially if the intention is to release them outside the house and not to kill them. Indeed, this trick leaves the possibility for insects to survive.

In a clean glass jar, pour the ingredient intended to attract flies. Then simply stretch a cling film over the opening of the jar instead of the lid. You can hold it with a rubber band or tape. Pierce the cling film with several holes so that the flies can enter it without being able to come out.

Once the insects are trapped, all you have to do is release them into the wild.

Whichever trap is chosen, hang it or place it in a place where flies pass to be sure to trap them better.

What ingredients should be used to lure them into the trap?

Without bait, your fly trap will not work. You must therefore add one or more ingredients that attract these insects.

The fruit or fruit syrup trap

Flies are attracted to sugar, like many insects. In the bottom of your plastic bottle or your glass jar, pour a little fruit juice, a little fruit syrup or mashed overripe fruit.

Attracted, the flies enter the trap and drown in the liquid if you choose this solution or feed on the crushed fruit before getting stuck in the trap. All you have to do is release them or throw away the dead insects and renew the preparation regularly.

Be careful though, as these traps can attract other types of beneficial insects, such as bees. So be vigilant!


Beer also attracts flies. Pour a little beer so that it fills the bottom of the plastic bottle or glass jar with a height of about 3-5 cm. Flies will enter and drown there.

You just need to renew the beer from time to time to prolong its effect.

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