How to get brown in paint? What color mixture?

Brown is a very fashionable color, timeless and both neutral and deep. It comes in a very wide range of palettes and shades. If it is possible to buy a pot of brown paint directly for your creations, it is quite possible to create your own shades of brown by mixing several colors, especially when you cannot find the desired shade in store. How to get brown in paint? What colors should you mix? Our answers in this file.

How to get brown by mixing two colors?

You can absolutely get brown by mixing two other shades of paint. This solution is very practical and interesting to save money if you have non-empty jars left or to obtain a very precise shade of brown that you cannot find in stores.

Here are the mixes that can be made from two colors to obtain shades of brown.

blue and orange

To obtain a more or less deep chocolate brown, you can mix blue and orange. Since orange is not a primary color, you will have to buy it ready-made or make it yourself by diluting a little red in yellow. Increase the amounts of red according to the chosen intensity.

On the other hand, be careful about the quantities, because for the chestnut to be beautiful, you have to pour blue into the orange – and not the other way around – and the proportion of blue must not exceed 10% of the preparation in comparison. orange.

To adjust the intensity of the chocolate brown according to your desires, add the blue to the orange. The more blue there is, the darker and deeper the brown will be.

red and green

To obtain a brown with reddish nuances, that is to say rather mahogany, you can combine red and green. Green is not a primary color. You will therefore have to buy it ready-made or create it by combining blue and yellow. Pour the blue into the yellow to darken the color according to your desires.

This time, it is the green which will have to be dominant. You will therefore have to pour red into a green paint, provided that you ensure that the red only represents 5 to 10% of the mixture compared to the green color.

The more red you add, the more intense and muddy the brown will be. The less there is, the lighter the brown will be.

purple and yellow

It is possible to create an elegant brown that tends towards mauve by mixing purple and yellow. Since purple is not a primary color, you can start with a pot of purple paint or create it yourself by mixing red and blue. Then mix your purple with yellow.

Yellow should be added to purple in a small amount. The more you add, the lighter the brown will be. This shade of brown is soft and pleasant.

How to get brown by mixing three colors?

You can get a nice regular brown by mixing three colors. To do this, we must associate the three primary colors of yellow, red and blue. These three colors make it possible to create all possible shades of tint, since blue and red create violet, blue and yellow create green and yellow and red create orange. Thus, we note that the possibilities of creating brown by mixing two colors ultimately consist of a combination of three primary colors systematically.

Mix your three primary colors (red, blue and yellow), if you wish, in equal quantities. You will get a medium, classic and deep brown. You can then adjust the shades by adding one or two colors in larger quantities. Blue will give it a darker shade. Red too, but bringing more reddish nuances. As for the yellow, it will lighten it and make it brighter.

How to get brown by mixing all the colors?

Another solution for obtaining brown is a mixture of all the colors in the palette. You will have a wider color chart to gain light, depth or nuances and reflections, according to your desires.

First mix green and blue in equal proportions and preferably dark, then add a little black, then red and finish with yellow. Adjust the quantities according to your desires. If the brown is too dark, lighten it with yellow, but avoid white.

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