How do I get orange in paint? What color mixture?

If you are on this page, it means that you probably want to create your own color and that commercial paints do not give you satisfaction. To get your own orange color, here is the way to go.

What is the color orange made of?

The orange color is a mixture of two primary colors, which are red and yellow. In this sense, it is a secondary color. If you want to get an orange, you should use a yellow and a red that don’t contain any trace of blue. Remember that when you mix three primary colors together, you get a tertiary color. If you want a “real” orange, don’t mix anything but yellow and red.

How to create the orange color in paint?

Whatever the technique used, think carefully once your mixture has succeeded in noting the proportions or the method used. This will be necessary in case you want to repeat the operation and get the same result. We encourage you to experiment in small containers to try out different blends. Once you have found the result that suits you, reproduce it in larger quantities.

By mixing two distinct colors

The paints are classically composed of three elements: the pigments which give the color, the binder which, as its name suggests, binds the pigments together and the thinner which facilitates the mixing of the whole. As you can imagine, you will only mix together paints with identical thinners.

Using white paint and adding pigments to it

Buy commercial white paint. And also buy orange dyes or natural pigments. Choose natural ochres, such as Terre de Sienna.

How to find the perfect orange in paint?

There are all kinds of yellows and reds you can use to get orange. Some yellows lean towards red – these are warm yellows and others towards blue – these are cool yellows. Similarly, some reds lean towards yellow – these are warm reds and others towards blue – these are cool reds. For example, to get a bright orange, you need to mix a warm yellow with a warm red: that is, they both lean towards orange on the color wheel. Conversely, mixing a cool yellow with a cool red will most likely result in a relatively dull orange color. This is because there would be a tiny amount of blue in the mix.

To compose pastel orange, all you need to do is add white paint or white pigments and that’s how you go from a bright orange to a nice peach tone. Vary the proportions of red and yellow and make your own orange. You will see, the majority of them have a fruit or vegetable name. The apricot color, the carrot color, the pumpkin color, the tangerine color or the melon color are yours!

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