How to get rid of floor fleas?

No question of letting yourself be invaded by parquet fleas that invade the house or apartment after being brought in from outside by the dog or cat. There are effective treatment products either on eggs and larvae, or on adult fleas. Let’s do a check in.

What is the parquet chip?

The parquet chip is none other than the chip (Ctenocephalides felis), flightless insect (i.e. wingless) most commonly found in homes and apartments where a cat lives. But there are other species found on dogs (among others…). The flea feeds on the blood of its host. This can be Man and a number of animal species. In any case, it is very frequently found on the skin of our pets.

When the chip lays her eggs on the dog or the cat, it is not rare that they fall from the fur of these animals during their movements in the house (basket, carpet, carpet, bedding…). The parquet floor is no exception to the rule. In good conditions bringing together humidity and heat, the eggs hatch between the slats, the larvae become nymphs and then adult fleas. This is the reason why, some time later, one can suddenly see fleas on a wooden floor or a laminate parquet. Hatching is often massive. It is therefore necessary to react without delay in order to put an end to the invasion of fleas.

It can however be noted that the eggs may very well not hatch quickly but wait until the most favorable conditions are met. It can take four or even six months. Well buried between the parquet slatsthey are perfectly protected and can escape the vacuum cleaner despite regular cleaning of the floors.

The best methods to eradicate parquet fleas

You can use a spray insecticide, but the neurotoxins contained in this type of product have no effect on the eggs. In contrast, they destroy fleas. These flea insecticides must also be sprayed on the pet’s basket and in all the places where it usually goes.

Pour destroy flea eggs as well as the larvae protected in cocoons, it is absolutely necessary to treat the parquet with, for example:

  • And potassium soap,
  • Of the’paraffin oil.

But to obtain a final result, it is imperative that these products are in direct contact with eggs and larvae. We take the opportunity to treat the underside of furniture and stairs, corners and everywhere where fleas may have laid their eggs. Be careful, however, to obtain a product dealing with non-aggressive fleas if you have to undertake delicate materials and fabrics such as the covering of the sofa and armchairs or a silk carpet placed on the floor of the room.

Pour disinsect the grooves of a parquet floorit is possible to treat with an anti-flea product or insecticide for the jardin. The interstices located between the slats of a parquet floor must be well impregnated with the product.

A solution volatile based on geraniol and pyrethrum is appreciated because it is a treatment of plant origin. It is mainly used as background treatment because, because of its high volatility, this immediate action solution settles in every corner without exception. Plus, we like it long-acting around 4 months. It overcomes floor fleas but also many other insects.

Finally, there remains the solution of pyrethrum-based smoke chrysanthemum extract, capable ofeliminate all fleas escaped other treatments, but this fumigant has no effect on flea larvae or eggs. On the other hand, it is interesting to complete the treatment.

Treating your floor against parquet fleas does not exempt you from also treating your dog and/or cat in order not to maintain the infestation. It is essential to consult the veterinarian to be advised on the best flea treatment for pets, according to their age and state of health.

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