How to get rid of moss on a terrace ?

The moss which becomes encrusted fairly quickly on the terrace does not have the most beautiful effect and gradually damages the material. In addition, it can be slippery and even more so after a good rain. Everything must therefore be done to eliminate it. Rather than rushing on chemical products, which are certainly effective but dangerous for the environment, it is better to turn to natural solutions which also give very good results while being non-toxic. Zoom on the best solutions to eliminate moss from the terrace.

How do I know if my terrace is invaded by moss?

There is an unmistakable sign: a terrace where the moss develops becomes strangely green to greenish-brown. Depending on the color, it can also be mushrooms or tosome. Generally, effective solutions on the mousse These other scourges also act.

In some regions, especially where humidity is quite present, we are more confronted with this problem because the light and thehumidity are the two conditions sine qua non for the foam to develop. This is also observed at the end of winter or in spring since this greenish color also appears on the PVC screens, gates and gates, the railings and railings of balconies and raised terraces, the roof, the walls, the garden furniture that has spent the winter outside…

If we have not taken care of preventive treatment its terrace and all its external environment, the moss has settled. It must therefore be eliminated because in addition to being unsightlyelle alters the tightness materials. She is too very slippery. Each year, we deplore a significant number of serious falls solely due to the presence of moss on a terrace.

Remove foam by hand

Elbow grease is a very natural solution to get rid of the moss that has developed between the slabs of the terrace! It takes a little time but if you want to invest it is worth it. At least this mechanical cleaning has no negative impact on the environment. It is suitable for stone, concrete, tiles. Just use a hard bristle brush and rub vigorously. This session followed by a good sweeping results in an impeccable terrace. For scrape the moss encrustedit is possible to use a small spatula but you have to be delicate so as not to alter the terrace.

If we have a wooden deck, it is better to avoid the brush with hard bristles, because it can scratch this material. In this case, we recommend a natural coconut broom large width whose bristles are more flexible.

Cover the terrace with an opaque tarp

Easy to set up and a formidable efficiency, this solution is simply to deprive the foam of light. In just a few days, she dies. You can then remove the tarp and sweep the terrace. This is the solution that requires the least physical effort.

White vinegar, a formidable defoamer

The moss encrusted on the terrace does not resist white vinegar. It is a natural product that can be used pur only on extremely resistant materials. To eliminate lichens and fungi on a terrace made of delicate material, it is absolutely necessary to dilute the white vinegar in at least 8 times its volume of hot water.

Basil for its anti-moss properties

Basil essential oil is very effective against mold but also against lichens and mosses of all kinds. It is used in spraywith only a few drops to treat a petite surface. It is also possible to prepare a 100% natural mixture ofessential oil of basil and black soap to spray on the mosses of the terrace which will disappear in a few days.

Black soap to eliminate foam

This soap is naturel. It does not represent no danger to plants. To get rid of the foam, simply dilute 4 to 6 caps of black soap in 6 liters of hot water then scrub the terrace with a brush or a coconut broom depending on the type of support. It is important to respect an action time of at least 5 hours, after which all you have to do is brush to remove all the foam. We finally complete the maintenance session of the terrace with a good rinse with clear water then let it dry before putting down your garden furniture and pots.

The cooking water against the foam

We don’t always know it, but the water in which potatoes, pasta and rice are cooked is rich in starch and is very effective against lichens which spoil the beauty of the terrace.

This still hot cooking water must be poured over the foam. Just wait 1 or 2 hours before rubbing lightly to loosen the foam and then rinsing the terrace with clear, cold water. Obviously, this solution is more suitable for small terraces (unless you run a restaurant) because to treat a space of 50 m² or more, you would need a lot of cooking water!

Antimoss and fungicides for the terrace

Some people swear by commercial products to clean their terrace. In this case, it is advisable to look for a antimousse which also acts against fungi (therefore it is fungicide) perfectly adapted to the material of the terrace. We do not use the same product for a teak terrace and a concrete or gravel terrace. You have to check the formulation of the treating product which must be indicated on the container or box, but to avoid making any mistakes, it is better to seek advice from a professional. Generally, these terrace anti-moss products are classified by type, namely for:

  • Tiled and ceramic terraces,
  • paved terraces,
  • Concrete terraces,
  • Wooden deck,
  • Natural stone terrace.

A good product must destroy all moss roots. It does so on two levels, curative and preventive since these plants will not grow back anytime soon.

All these solutions are also valid for eliminating moss on a low wall or garden path. To avoid being invaded by this undesirable, it is recommended to react quickly as soon as it appears. That limits the spread of moss and therefore allows you to spend less time on this type of cleaning. Anyway, when you decide to treat your terrace, you wait for the weather to be nice. The ideal is that it does not rain for the duration of the treatment so that the product is not diluted or rinsed off too quickly and therefore has time to act. Finally, if you do not want to take on this task, you can rely on a professional.

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