How to get rid of rats mice and other rodents at home ?

Even if we know that rats, mice and company are useful on many levels, there is no question of letting them settle in our homes or in our outbuildings, because they destroy everything and are vectors of disease. There are different solutions for get rid of rodents. Are rat traps and rodenticide products effective? What about ultrasonic devices and repellent plants to prevent the appearance of rodents of all kinds? Recognized for its effectiveness, extermination by a professional is necessary in many cases. Let’s take stock without delay.

How do you know if you have rodents in your home?

The house and its outbuildings are very popular places for many rodents considered undesirable by humans, the main ones being:

  • The rat, Rattus rattuswhich is also called field rat, black rat or attic rat,
  • The surmulot or brown-shaven (Norwegian rat), also known as city rat or sewer rat,
  • The mouse commune, Mouse muscleor gray mouse,
  • The field mouse, Apodemus sylvaticusor wood mouse, jumping rat,
  • The gray dormouse, Glis glisthe only representative of the genus Glis, which is also called the common dormouse.

It is very easy to realize the presence of a rat, a mouse or even a field mouse for example because even if these rodents are very good at hiding, they leave traces which betray them, namely :

  • A musky smell that lingers after their passage (especially when it comes to a rat),
  • Feces in the corners of a room or along the walls,
  • Brownish and greasy traces at the bottom of the walls testifying to the friction of the mice’s fur,
  • Styrofoam, cardboard and old paper newspapers or shredded magazines because rodents use these materials to build their nests,
  • Cables, wooden furniture, plastic boxes, door bottoms are often eaten away,
  • The sachets or packets of food stored in the cupboards are gutted.
  • Noises seem to come from the partitions, night and day.

At the slightest of these signs, there is no doubt: there are rodents in the house! It’s necessary act as soon as possible to limit the risk of invasion because rats and mice multiply very quickly and can cause innumerable major damage.

Prevent rodent infestations at home

To avoid the risk of having rats in your home or other rodents for that matter, you must at all costs not encourage them to settle there. This consists for example of:

  • Regularly empty the trash cans,
  • Enclose food in airtight glass or stoneware containers, for example, materials that rodents cannot nibble on,
  • Plug all the holes through which they are likely to enter,
  • Also protect the bottom of the door so that mice can no longer sneak in.

Rodents can pass through the roof to enter a home, through the small space left around the air conditioner pipe, through a gutter and then through the pipes. All defect housing can benefit them. It is therefore essential to carry out any repair whatsoever and without delay.

It is also necessary to regularly check the garage, attic, basement, but also behind the kitchen furniture to ensure that there is no mouse or rat droppings and to act accordingly.

Eliminate rats, mice, field mice: commercial solutions

In garden centers, some large DIY stores and in supermarkets, it is possible to find solutions to react in the event of a rodent invasion. For this, you can:

  • Employ traps : rat swatter, mouse swatter,
  • Place on the places where rodents pass a rat poison in powder, in granules, in small blocks or tablets,
  • Opt for a wet which simply allows the rodent to be captured but not killed: it is then up to the occupant of the premises to place the animal in its natural environment.

A rodenticide can complement other methods that are more commonly used to get rid of rats and mice.

What about rodenticide against rodents at home?

There is a rodonticide spray in the form of foam or gel. This anti-rodent is generally sold only to professionals in the extermination as Pest Doctor. This type of product is extremely dangerous. It must therefore be handled with the utmost care, which is also the case with rat poison.

It is necessary to disperse the product on the places of passage of the rodents, in the cracks of the walls and partitions, and of course on the nests. It sticks to the hair of the animal which, by licking itself, swallows this poison which leads to the certain death of the rodent within 72 hours. With this solution, there is no risk of smell of putrefaction.

This type of rodenticide is very useful wherever you cannot place a conventional rat or mouse trap of the swatter type. This is for example when rats, Norway mice, field mice or mice seem to have taken up residence in the partitions or when they enter the house through a small crack. The rodenticide is also necessary when the swatters give no result. Let’s not forget that rodents are very intelligent and are able to analyze certain situations. The slightest change in their universe pushes them to be extra careful so that they don’t let themselves be so easily caught in a rat trap. And if something seems suspicious to them, they ensure the survival of the species by warning their congeners!

Fighting rodents at home: natural solutions

There are many natural solutions to repel rats, mice and other unwanted rodents. This is the case of :

  • L’eucalyptus,
  • Peppermint,
  • Mint,
  • Lemon essential oil.

Their effectiveness is not as drastic as that of:

  • The quicklime mixed with sucre (be careful, this preparation can only be deposited on the passage of rodents insofar as you do not have any pets). Rodents attracted by sugar, which they like very much, eat this powder without suspecting it and poison themselves with the quicklime.
  • L’arsenicto be handled with the greatest care, which can be mixed with cheese intended for rodents.

Ultrasound devices against rats and mice

If you do not wish to resort to a radical solution, it is better to install in various places in your house ultrasonic devices. These devices of prevention emit sounds at different frequencies, perceptible by rodents, but not by humans unless you glue your ear to the device of course. This is one of the natural repellents. Depending on the model chosen, a device can protect a space of 10 to 30 m2 or a maximum of 90 m3. It is quite possible to install several devices in the house and outbuildings. The price of an ultrasound device against rats and mice is between 25 and 50 €.

Raising a Cat So It Doesn’t Have Rats

Known predator of rats and mice, the cat does a good job! If we do not have chat, maybe it’s time to adopt one! Indeed, it deters rodents such as rats, mice, field mice, Norway mice, dormice and others from taking up residence in a dwelling. Its simple smell is enough to scare away rodents. If you do not have a cat, it may be useful to sometimes let those in the neighborhood visit the garage, the cellar and the outbuildings.

Hire a professional pest control

It’s here the most effective solution to get rid of rats, mice and other rodents both at home and in a business premises. The extermination is carried out by a professional who can use various proven techniques.

The extermination is a delicate task which requires a certain experience because it is carried out in a methodical way. It involves knowing perfectly rodent behavior and to act accordingly by opting for the most appropriate strategy. If you have no idea of ​​their way of life, there is little chance of getting rid of them. Indeed, each situation has its own method oferadication. On request, a personalized quote can be sent during the day for an ultra fast and effective action against rats, mice and other rodents.

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