How to get rid of wood borers a wood-eating insect ?

The wood beetle is one of those xylophagous insects that must be eradicated as quickly as possible to preserve any wooden support. If care is taken, beetles and their larvae can be responsible for very big damage. What are the particularities of beetles, how to detect their presence and what are the best ways to get rid of them?

Wood beetles: a pest beetle

The term beetle refers to beetles short, wood borersbelonging to the family of Anobiidae (anobids). A single female can lay up to 200 eggs in one summer. Larvae and adult insects dig holes in the wood, which they end up weakening. They are classified as xylophagous insects because they digest wood cellulose.

Whether it’s the small beetle or the large beetleces harmful attack all sources of wood. They can therefore be found in the frame, the joists, the half-timbering, the beams, the furniture, the floor… which they literally devour, considerably reducing the lifespan of the wood.

It is quite easy to spot the presence of these xylophagous insects quite simply by the innumerable holes with which the structures, furniture and objects are punctuated. They are particularly active on hardwood and softwood species, and a little less on exotic woods. Damp places that favor the presence of mold (fungi) attract them, but also old books, cardboard and paper of all kinds.

How to get rid of wood beetles?

Whatever solution is chosen (mechanical, natural, chemical), you must start with a big cleaning. We may be led to pickle the colonized parts, to brush the wooden parts with a wire brush then to suck carefully to remove dust. Stripping makes it possible to remove varnish or paint that covers any surface to be treated. This is fundamental to guarantee the good penetration of the treatment.

Mechanical control of beetles, xylophagous insects

We can eliminate beetles by cold provided it is extreme. Small wooden objects can easily be placed in the freezer for 12 to 24 hours.

The total absence of air is another effective solution to permanently eradicate adult beetles and their larvae. This anoxia technique involves enclosing the furniture in completely waterproof plastic covers and then creating a vacuum. You have to wait a few days before removing the covers.

Stay here fumigation, a process which consists in introducing a specific product in the form of gas into a hermetically sealed place. The “fumigant” type pesticide anti-termites works very well since it destroys xylophagous insects. This solution is really effective, but it must be entrusted to a pest control professional because fumigation requires know-how and compliance with safety rules.

Natural solutions to eliminate beetles

Many natural products turn out effective against beetles. It can therefore be used to limit the impact on the environment but also on the health of the occupants of the infested place.

The oil to be injected into the holes made by beetles and a common means. Some oils are particularly effective, as is the case ofhuile de lin. We can multiply the actions by opting for an oil extracted from the seed of Neem because it is insecticide, bactericide and acaricide. It is found commercially under the name cry the neem.

During the spring, if you do not wish to use oil, you can inject into the holes dug by the xylophagous insects of thecitrus essence with a strong scent capable of dislodging beetle larvae.

A homemade maceration can be tried. Just prepare a mélange with 100 cl ofeau25 cl de White vinegar and 2 to 3 tablespoons oflavender essential oil (Lavandula angustifolia) which is also called true lavender. We let macerate for a full day and all you have to do is pass this maceration on the furniture without forgetting the inside of the drawers.

The lavender tops which can be placed directly in small cheesecloth bags to be placed in drawers, scent the wood but bother pests. If you grow lavender, do not hesitate to make beautiful bouquets of it in order to place it in strategic places because this aromatic plant is a natural repellent.

Vigorously rub the wood with a onion halved or with a kind of juice obtained by grating onions very finely. It is also possible to use pods ofail. Cover the treated areas with cling film and leave on for at least 72 hours.

Chemicals against wood beetles

Putting bouquets of lavender in your attic where the frame is attacked by wood beetles may not be enough to get rid of these xylophagous insects. The chemical products apply either with a brushthat is by injection with a syringe after drilling holes with a gimlet or with a drill whose diameter does not exceed 1.5 cm. But then you have to fill the holes with wood glue.

To handle with precaution, chemicals are to be reserved for places where it is difficult to use natural solutions. Some individuals inject bleach into infested wood. Certainly effective, this product modifies the color of essences. When you are infested with beetles, it is better to rely on an expert rather than mistreat your frame or furniture. Do not hesitate to request multiple quotes to compare services and prices.

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