How to install an exterior gate?

When the exterior gate begins to seriously lose its aesthetics, but above all its safety, it must be replaced without further delay. This task is easy to accomplish, but only for people used to heavy DIY jobs.

Do not hesitate to request the services of a craftsman for the installation of your gate

Whether your choice is an aluminum, wooden or iron gate, the role of this equipment is, above all, to protect your property from intrusions, while preserving your privacy. Hence the need to moor the gate to an anchor point, as well as to solid fastening means. And always with this in mind, its pillars must also withstand the many daily uses.

This is why I highly recommend hiring a professional for gate installation, especially for the first time. Indeed, in order to ensure the solidity of the structure, specific knowledge of masonry and carpentry is essential. Otherwise, your portal won’t last long and will crumble after a while. To avoid any mishap, I decided to entrust this responsibility to a professional, even if I consider myself – in all modesty – to be a confirmed handyman.

Installing a swing gate

Think you have the skills to install your gate yourself? These few tips may be useful to you. And if you have chosen casement models, you have two options, namely an inward or outward opening. Nevertheless, the first device is the most encountered, particularly if the house borders a public street. And of course, the ideal is to adapt the dimensions of the new portal to the old one.

Therefore, you are not obliged to completely redo the pillars of your two-leaf gate. Otherwise, if, like me, you have swapped it for a higher model, don’t forget that the regulatory height of the pillars must be at least twenty centimeters higher than the gate itself. Do not forget also to provide a ground clearance of twenty-five centimeters, to allow rainwater to drain freely, without any obstacle.

Installing a sliding gate

As an alternative to the swing gate, some owners prefer sliding gates. This device is to be preferred in configurations where there is a lack of recoil for a leaf gate. But a sliding exterior door is also attractive for its practicality in the case of a steeply sloping driveway. Here too, I strongly recommend the know-how of a professional. Indeed, to operate, this type of gate requires the installation of a guide rail, whether the opening is to the left or to the right.

Either way, a sliding gate is heavy. So you can’t take care of this task on your own without the help of a few strong arms. In addition, to securely fix the gate, drilling and screwing in the concrete will be required. So, before starting the work, check if you have certain tools at hand, such as the screwdriver and the drill. Also invest in hacksaws.

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