How to install or change a wall socket ?

Installing or replacing a wall outlet is probably one of the most commonly encountered DIY electrical jobs in private homes. Convinced of the difficulty of this task, we do not hesitate to call on a professional. However, it is easier than it looks.

Installing a wall outlet

Whether it is for a simple change or for the installation of an additional wall outlet, there is a basic safety rule to respect, namely to cut off the current before any intervention. To do this, you must either go through the general circuit breaker or remove the fuse corresponding to the electrical circuit. The ideal would of course be to already have a flush-mounting box ready for use. Otherwise, you must dig a cavity in the wall using a hammer drill, a hole saw or a flat chisel.

And to facilitate the bypass, connect to an existing electrical circuit, favoring a location near the bypass socket. In addition, in order to obtain the exact dimensions of the cavity, trace the contours of the flush-mounting box with a wooden pencil. The new outlet must be at least fifteen centimeters from the ground, otherwise twenty-five centimeters for rooms that are continuously subject to humidity.

Replacing a wall outlet

Fortunately, changing a defective or unsightly socket is a much easier operation and therefore within everyone’s reach. Once the safety instructions have been complied with, i.e. cut off the current, dismantle the support with a screwdriver. With some socket models, the fixing screws are hidden behind decorative bases or protective covers. You must first remove the blindfold to reach them.

Then, to dislodge the socket from the wall and finally access the power supply wires, pull gently. You then notice that the old socket is connected to three wires. Still with a screwdriver, detach them by memorizing the diagram, more particularly the ground wire. The latter is usually yellow and green in color. Mount the new socket, respecting the order of connection, then put it back in the cavity, taking care to place the wires correctly inside and making sure that the socket is straight.

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