How to maintain a wooden deck ? Tips and tricks

If your wooden deck is naturally resistant, it will need appropriate and regular maintenance to preserve its shine, solidity and longevity. Some care may also be necessary to protect it from bad weather, sunlight, insects and the wear and tear of time. Discover our advice and our tips and tricks for properly maintaining your wooden terrace throughout the year.

Pay attention to the type of wood!

Before even talking about the maintenance of your terrace, it is imperative to take into account the nature of your wood. Depending on the species that composes it, it will not require the same frequency of maintenance or the same products.

Rot-proof exotic woods, such as teak, are stronger than treated pine wood. They will therefore need less maintenance. On the other hand, whatever species you choose, be aware that your wood will turn gray due to its continuous exposure to rain, frost and the sun’s rays. It is irremediable. Likewise, your terrace will get dirty over the seasons, regardless of its type of wood.

In all cases, it is essential to opt for category 3 or 4 wood, which is rot-proof and protected from insects. We also advise you to avoid putting a wrought iron garden furniture on it, because the friction of the feet or rust tends to leave black marks on the wood that are very difficult to remove.

In terms of maintenance, everything will depend on your taste. If you appreciate the naturally gray color that your patio will take on over time, a simple cleaning will be enough. Otherwise, you will need to apply additional care products.

How to clean your wooden deck?

A wooden terrace should ideally be cleaned once or twice a year, before summer and before the wet season. These cleanings are useful for removing dirt and impurities collected on the surface. They prevent the terrace from becoming slippery with the deposits of pollution and moss from developing there at leisure. In addition, you will enjoy a more pleasant and cleaner space for your meals and your summer aperitifs.

The principle is simple. You just need to equip yourself with at least a water jet and a push broom. It is unnecessary and above all not recommended to use a high-pressure cleaner, as these wear out the surface of the wood prematurely.

If the terrace is particularly dirty, dilute a little black soap in a bucket of hot water and rub this mixture previously poured on your boards with the push broom. Black soap is a stain remover, a degreaser, an insecticide and a mild antiseptic ally of wood.

Don’t be afraid to scrub. It is the movements of your arms with the hard brush broom that will remove the dirt and clean your terrace.

If you used black soap, rinse the surface of the decking with clear water and allow to air dry.

How to maintain your terrace?

If the gray color of your terrace suits you, you can get by with one or two annual washes. If, on the other hand, you want to restore it to its original shine, here are our maintenance tips to follow. Be careful, however, once you start applying these products, you must continue their regular application, otherwise the surface of your terrace will lose its luster. It can then flake off or turn gray in a less aesthetic way.

The graying of the wood is natural and inevitable, whatever the species chosen. This coloration is due to exposure to UV and continual rain. However, it is possible to restore the wood to its original color.

Oil your patio

Oiling the surface of the terrace slows down its natural graying. These are specialized oils that should be applied once or twice a year, after cleaning the blades. On the other hand, these are only preventive and not curative products and must be applied by means of several layers. If your terrace is already gray, these oils will not restore its shine, they will only preserve a terrace whose color has not changed.

Sober up your terrace

On the other hand, you can eliminate the grayness of your terrace using a sobering product. This dilates the pores of the wood and cleans the surface layer which has become gray. After having carefully cleaned your terrace, apply this powder and leave it on for about 20 minutes before rinsing with clear water.

Saturate your terrace

Another type of product is the saturator. This is a liquid resin that restores the deck to its original color. Once it has been sobered up or at least carefully cleaned, the saturator is applied with a brush to bring out the natural pigments of the wood.

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