How much does it cost to change a PVC window ? Advice and prices !

Affordable price and excellent energy performance are the main qualities of polyvinyl chloride windows. It is not surprising that almost 60% of French homes are equipped with it today. What are you waiting for to finally replace your old windows?

Are you considering replacing windows?

Improving acoustic and thermal insulation, wanting better light, or simply for the sake of aesthetics… There are many reasons that justify changing windows. However, insofar as this type of work represents a certain investment, especially when several openings are to be changed, the project must be carefully considered. Thus, to estimate the expenses, the first thing to do is an inventory of your windows. Will the renovation be total? Is the renewal of the carpentry necessary? Or would a simple change of glazing be enough?

To answer all these questions, it is best to call on a professional. Be that as it may, from the moment there is heat loss, only a total replacement of the window(s) concerned will improve the energy performance of the dwelling. The expenses related to heating will then drop irreparably.

What are the advantages of PVC over other materials?

Dethroning wood and aluminum for several years, polyvinyl chloride is first and foremost a material that offers excellent value for money. The proof, from 100 €, it is quite possible for you to place an order for a PVC window, made to measure moreover. Exceptionally light, this material is available in a wide choice of colors and shapes. Sliding, swinging, hinged… One of its main advantages is that it adapts to all types of openings.

Otherwise, this material is also renowned for its great resistance to time, but especially to wear. Not to mention its minimal maintenance. Indeed, periodic washing with soapy water will do just fine to keep your windows looking like new. Otherwise, polyvinyl chloride is not conductive at all, unlike aluminum. This is why PVC is also an excellent thermal insulator.

Quel budget ?

When calculating the cost of this renovation project, the price of the window and the carpentry are not the only parameters to consider. You also have to consider the pose. However, as far as the actual price of the window is concerned, this will mainly be defined according to its dimensions and type of glazing.

Otherwise, for better resistance, PVC is often associated with wood or aluminum. In this case, it is not surprising if the windows are sold at a higher price. Count at least 149 euros for a mixed model in aluminum and PVC. However, you will have to pay rather at least 169 euros, if you dream of a polyvinyl chloride window associated with wood. As for the glazing, no hesitation, double glazing is essential, it remains a very good investment which will then be largely and quickly amortized thanks to the energy savings made.

Should you call in a professional?

Insofar as the replacement of one or more windows is part of the improvement of the insulation of your home, you may be eligible for financial assistance for the work granted by the Anah (National Agency for habitat). And this is only possible if you entrust the installation of windows to a professional. Indeed, only a qualified service provider will be able to guarantee the tightness of newly installed windows. In addition, by calling on an experienced craftsman, you will have a clear idea of ​​the true extent of the work.

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