How much does it cost to install a front door? Tips for replacing it!

The front door is the first element of your home that any visitor sees when they arrive at your home. It is displayed as a welcome window. In harmony with the style of your home or on the contrary completely offbeat, the front door is warm, welcoming, aesthetic, but also insulating and reassuring.

When to replace your front door? Which material to choose and at what price? Our experts offer you all their installation advice and help you estimate your budget in this complete file.

Replacing your front door: when is the right time?

Of course, you are free to replace your front door at any time and for whatever reason. However, be aware that sometimes it is really necessary to make this change, especially on the occasion of three important factors.

  • L’isolation : nearly 25% of heat loss from a home occurs through openings such as windows and doors. Thus, if you feel drafts when you are near your entrance door, or if you notice an increase in your energy bills, it means that your current door is no longer sufficiently insulating. It is therefore advisable to change it, you will quickly notice better thermal comfort and a reduction in your energy bill.
  • Security : the front door represents a large majority of popular access points for burglars in the event of an intrusion attempt. If your door is old and insecure or if it has been forced, it is recommended to change it for a better model.
  • The aesthetics: the front door is a kind of showcase of your home. It is indeed the first element that your guests see and that welcomes them. Do not hesitate to opt for a model that matches your style, your other openings to bring a certain harmony or on the contrary that stands out for an offbeat effect.

What is the average price of a front door, depending on its material?

If the cost of labor can vary from one professional to another for the installation of a front door, it is really the material which constitutes your door which will have the most impact on the amount of your bill. Indeed, the purchase of an entrance door can vary between 200 euros and more than 5,000 euros depending on the model chosen, its material and its finishes.

The price of a wooden front door

A wooden front door is naturally warm. Very aesthetic, it is also of great insulating quality. Flexible, it offers effective security. However, as with any wooden material, it will require regular maintenance (application of varnish, stain and/or anti-humidity and parasite treatments every 5 to 10 years on average).

The cost of a wooden door varies according to the species that constitutes it. Rot-proof exotic woods are much more resistant to bad weather, but species such as oak or larch have much more character.

For a classic wooden door (unarmored), count around 600 to 1,500 euros for an average range. You will find entry-level models from 200 euros. For premium quality, count between 2,000 and 4,000 euros.

The price of a PVC entrance door

In terms of value for money, the PVC entrance door remains unbeatable. Resistant to bad weather and very insulating while remaining light, it requires very little maintenance; a damp sponge is more than enough to clean it. If this type of door offers good security, it can be fitted with an interior steel reinforcement. PVC has developed strongly and manufacturers now offer original models, colored or imitating certain materials such as wood.

On the other hand, PVC remains a sensitive material. Constant exposure to the sun can weaken it. As for the addition of a new security lock, it can, depending on the model, crack the door.

For a PVC entrance door, plan a budget between 500 and 900 euros for a standard model, or even from 300 euros for the low end. For high quality, count between 1,000 and 3,000 euros.

The price of an aluminum front door

If aluminum is more and more widespread, it is because its qualities no longer need to be proven! Indeed, opting for an aluminum front door is a guarantee of comfort. This strong and resistant material does not warp, it does not rust, it does not oxidize and it does not rot. Very easy to maintain, it is light and very aesthetic since, like PVC, it can imitate a whole range of materials and take on multiple colours. Aluminum offers very good thermal insulation, but on condition that the interior is equipped with a break in thermal bridges, because it is a conductive material.

For an aluminum front door, count 800 to 2,000 euros for low and medium range models. For superior quality, plan a budget of 2,000 to 5,000 euros.

The price of a steel front door

A steel front door is the ultimate in security! Particularly resistant to shocks and blows, it easily stops intrusion attempts. On the other hand, this material remains unattractive, despite the efforts of the manufacturers. In addition, it does not like humidity! It is therefore not suitable for badly exposed places and bad weather. Heavy and cold, it must be insulated on the inside so as not to cause a thermal bridge.

For a steel front door, plan a budget between 500 and 800 euros for an entry-level model, and between 2,000 and 4,000 euros for a high-end model.

The cost of a bespoke front door

When your home does not meet the standard sizes, it is advisable to choose a custom-made entrance door rather than modifying the masonry. In this case, the craftsman designs a door to measure, in the materials and according to the shape you want.

For a custom-made front door, plan a budget of 3,000 to 5,000 euros on average.

The price of a glass front door

A glazed front door is particularly strong because its glass is treated to resist tampering. In addition, this material offers a wide range of customizations and colors. In addition, it is possible to treat it to limit the effect of high summer heat. However, it is rare to see models of fully glazed entrance doors; glass is usually combined with another material such as wood, PVC or aluminum. This solution is interesting to bring a touch of natural light in a dark entrance.

For a glazed front door, count between 200 and 3,500 euros on average.

The cost of an armored front door

The armored entrance door is the top of security. Resistant to bad weather and intrusion attempts, it has managed to find a place of elegance in our homes. Manufacturers offer increasingly aesthetic and customizable models. On the other hand, it remains very expensive.

For an armored front door, count 600 to 4,000 euros on average. Add to that the price of an armored lock (since an armored door alone will not protect you properly without a suitable lock), ie 300 to 2,000 euros depending on the model.

The installation of a front door: what budget to plan?

Hiring a professional to install your new front door is a wise choice. Indeed, the professional can advise you in terms of choice in order to find the model adapted to your home and your budget (additional advice is available on Ctendance). In addition, the front door communicating with the outside, its installation should not be approximate. A tiny offset undermines all your insulation, which is felt on your energy bill. Not to mention that security is compromised! On this subject, be aware that many insurance companies refuse to compensate their customers who are victims of burglaries when their front door has not been installed by a professional.

The budget you will need to plan for the installation of your entrance door depends on several factors, such as the material of your door, the difficult conditions of the site, the options chosen, the removal of the old door, the geographical location and the prices charged by the professional.

  • The labor alone will cost you between 150 and 500 euros on average.
  • For the complete installation of your front door, hardware and installation included, allow a total of 1,500 to 4,000 euros on average. Of course, the price will be much higher in the case of a very high-end model.

Do not hesitate to request several quotes from professionals in the sector. Compare the offers and the details of the services, find out about the skills of each, and negotiate the rates to find the formula that suits you at the best quality / price ratio.

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