How much does it cost to replace PVC aluminum or wood windows?

Changing your windows is one of the jobs in the house that can be expensive, especially if many openings are involved. All the more reason to carefully study the prices on the market before choosing your type of window and your craftsman.

Think about the installation in your budget!

The PVC window price table on this website will already give you a very precise idea of ​​the budget you may have to pay if you plan to invest in polyvinyl chloride models. More precisely, you will find the price of the windows according to their dimensions and their characteristics but also the price of their installation.

Indeed, when getting quotes and estimates, many people often forget to include in their calculation the service of the craftsman or craftsmen who will take care of the installation of their new windows. This is why they find themselves afterwards with large additional expenses that they had not planned at all in their initial budget. What’s more, the prices for their installation differ slightly depending on whether it is window replacements on homes being renovated or installation on new constructions.

Aluminum window replacement cost

Let’s start with l’aluminium, the favorite material of builders and architects. An aluminum window with a leaf of 60 by 80 centimeters generally costs 550 €. Count 600 € for its installation if it is a new accommodation. And therefore a cost price of 1150 € including tax. Otherwise, €500 in the case of housing being renovated, i.e. a total of €1,130 including tax.

To benefit from maximum brightness in your bathroom, do you dream of an aluminum window with bellows? For an opening of 600 x 400 cm, prepare the total sum of €560 if it is a new dwelling, that is to say: €250 for the window and €310 for labour. And 580 € in total for the replacement of an already existing window.

PVC window replacement cost

However, since the price of aluminum is still expensive for some owners, PVC is today the great rival of this material thanks to its very competitive cost. As proof, of all window orders placed by private individuals in 2015, nearly 60% were made of PVC. In addition, extremely light, polyvinyl chloride is also very easy to install.

And that’s not to mention its great malleability, leaving a very wide range of shapes and designs. But what about its cost price? Take as an example the two-leaf window, the most commonly encountered in individual construction. For a 100 x 100 cm model, its purchase price including VAT is €470. On the other hand, you will have to pay 520 € if it is a simple replacement, otherwise 10 € more for recently built houses. Ask for a window quote!

wood window replacement cost

We will finish with the wooden model windows, because these are the most expensive on the market today. A few decades ago, it was the reference material for the simple reason that all windows were made of wood. But today, with the arrival of aluminum and PVC, wood is gradually being abandoned in favor of the other two materials.

However, for those who can afford it, wooden windows are always safe bets since they adapt perfectly to all architectural styles, as well as to other building materials. Wood is also both noble and elegant, but be careful not to neglect its maintenance. It is a living matter particularly sensitive to external elements.

And as for the cost price, a wooden window with an 80 x 100 cm leaf is generally offered at 480 €. Add 520 €, the service of installing the wooden skylight on a new building, and roughly the same amount on an old property.

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