How does an oil-fired boiler work and how to buy one?

The oil boiler is one of the heating methods most used by the French. However, to take advantage of this equipment without breaking the bank, you have to choose the model carefully. Let yourself be guided.

Operation of this equipment

If today attention is again focused on boilers, particularly those running on fuel oil, it is because, compared to other heating methods, this equipment offers a very good price/performance ratio. I can only recommend this system to owners who plan to replace their heating system soon. Last winter, I equipped my new home with this device and I am still pleased to have taken this initiative.

Indeed, apart from being rather economical, oil heating is also very practical. But, as this type of heating must be powered by domestic fuel oil, the installation of a storage tank is essential, so there must be space to install it, preferably out of sight. In addition, certain rules will have to be respected in the choice of the location of this tank, namely a very well ventilated space. But above all, you must not forget to equip the room with a fire door with flame resistance for a minimum duration of half an hour.

Concerning me, I decided to place my tank on the ground floor, because the garage is also a good place for that, on the condition of protecting the tank from possible shocks. Otherwise, if you don’t have space in your home, you can also place it outside, in the garden for example. But there is also the possibility of burying it in a pit.

Buying tips

Many models of oil-fired boilers are available on the market and the purchase criteria remain essentially the same. However, the main factor to consider is the budget you plan to allocate to this equipment. Indeed, if you do not take the time to compare well, the price of this device can easily go from simple to double, or even to triple.

Caution is required, however, because it is also necessary to include in the expenses, those related to the work of connecting the boiler. But already, know that the average installation cost of this heating system varies from 2500 to 4500 euros. And once the price range is finally set, you can finally shop around for specialty stores and sites. For my part, with its price, the efficiency of the device is at the top of the list of the parameters of choice for my boiler.

Compared to standard models, condensing models would be the most interesting. Otherwise, the storage capacity of the tank is also an important element that should not be overlooked. The volume of the tank will be calculated according to the needs of the household, ie the volume to be heated. Finally, before placing an order, I also inquired about the fuel consumption of the equipment. It is of course the models that consume less fuel that will be preferred.

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