How to open a door when you have lost your keys ?

Who among you has not experienced one day the misadventure of finding yourself locked out of your home after having lost or forgotten your keys? Or after accidentally slamming the door? But how to get out of this situation?

Help, you can no longer access your home!

Even if you take all the precautions in the world, it can happen that you misplace your keychain, or that you close behind you, forgetting your keys inside. Then panic wins. In haste and panic, it sometimes happens that one breaks without thinking a door or a window to enter one’s house at any cost. Gestures that will not be without consequences since there will undoubtedly be damage. And that’s not to mention the noise generated which may disturb and worry the neighbours, especially if it’s night. You even risk seeing the police arrive.

And if you’re in front of an armored door, you won’t be able to do anything, otherwise call a professional. Indeed, for people who know nothing about locksmithing, even if they are good handymen, nothing beats the intervention of a locksmith. It is true, the troubleshooting of this craftsman has of course a cost.

However, the expenses will be less compared to the possible major repairs that you will have to do later. What’s more, in the event of an emergency, professional locksmiths can be at your home in just 20 minutes or half an hour. Anyway, to avoid unpleasant surprises, always ask for a quote before signing with a particular service provider. In addition, do not forget to learn about the skill, experience and know-how of the locksmith.

You want to open the door yourself

If you are not happy with the services of a professional locksmith, alternatively, you can take care of the door yourself. But be careful, it will be at your own risk. The way used will thus be chosen according to the type of lock.

For ordinary models, as well as padlocks, a hairpin and a hook will do just fine. Here you have to be particularly agile with your hands because from inside the lock you have to stabilize the hook with your thumb, simultaneously turning the pin to unlock the lock. If possible, ask for help from someone you know who is an expert in picking locks! Otherwise, like in the movies, credit cards can also be good troubleshooting tools, provided you have a lock in front of you where the handle and the latch are one.

For entrance doors fitted with a 5-pin cylinder, the use of a drill may be essential. The objective is to dismantle the springs that hold the locks. Caution is advised, however, because this operation is only reserved for experienced DIYers. Finally, if you want to use drastic measures, using a hammer, you can hit the handle with all your might, until it gives way. The latch will fall apart and you will have no choice but to completely replace your lock device.

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