How to optimize the storage in an extension of home ?

There are multiple ways to save space in a home extension. This makes it possible to take advantage of the smallest square meter and to have a perfectly ordered living space. It is in any case essential for the expansion of the house to be really useful. Here are some ideas to follow.

Which extension to choose to optimize the space?

This is the first question to ask yourself because there are different ways to expand your house in order to have more space. Of course, it is essential to ask a professional such as the architect for example in order to take into account the constraints which are essential in this field but also of its budget. For example, you can opt for a veranda, build an additional solid part or create a room in the basement, in a cellar that cannot be flooded, in the garage or the scullery, convert the attic, or even – if the house is on one level without convertible attic space – opt for an elevation.

Whatever solution is chosen, it is very important to study its feasibility and fine-tune your project in order to take advantage of the smallest space. A house extension requires a significant budget, so plan ahead to get as much space as possible. Request multiple quotes is necessary to compare rates and services.

Use under windows

Whether the extension of the house is intended for a bedroom, a living room or an office, it is very useful to take advantage of the space available under each window. This is a precious volume it would be a shame to lose. You can therefore put a few shelves on it so that the underside of the windows can be transformed into a library. The most DIY enthusiasts have the possibility of making a storage chest at a lower cost custom made intended to receive a number of small objects which tend to clutter up a room. This kind of extra storage always comes in handy.

There are many other ways to take advantage of the area occupied by a window, especially if it is low enough and its frame is deep enough. You can indeed take advantage of this configuration to put a big comfortable cushion on it in order to transform the window sill as a small daybed, perfect for a reading break in full light.

Note that the above a window can also be equipped with a cupboard in which it is smart to store duvets in summer or clothes out of season. This helps to unclog the already busy dressing room!

Optimize nooks and crannies

Every square meter counts to make the house extension a 100% optimized living space. Any niche is an area to explore and in addition to being practical, it brings a decorative touch to the room. With a small shelf flanked by a pretty armchair, this space becomes a corner office and we obviously create an integrated library with a few shelves which will also be able to accommodate a pencil holder, computer screen and archive boxes or hanging files. It’s smart and essential for absolute comfort, especially if you opt for teleworking!

In order not to visually weigh down the decoration, it is better to opt for openwork shelves than for a bookcase and paint them in white, pearl gray or any other light tone.

In the same way, we do not hesitate to make the best use of a recess created by locking an access door to the house, a common configuration when building an extension. By optimizing a new interior space in this way, we personalize completely its decoration so that its place of life does not look like any other. And if the recess is wide enough, which is the case in old stone houses, a sofa is placed there to make circulation more fluid without affecting the comfort of the occupants.

Finally, the under the stairs newly installed in order to access the converted attic represents a valuable space that must be used at all costs in order to take advantage of additional storage.

Extending your home is the dream of many homeowners. This is the solution that is imposed on all those who do not wish to move. Whether the expansion is vertical or horizontal, this addition of living space makes it possible toincrease the value of real estate and enjoy more space in less time. Of course, this life project implies respecting the steps to be taken prior to the work.

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