How to paint a cement garage floor? Which paint to use ?

The cement floor of a garage wears out easily due to the repeated friction of car tires, dust, accumulated grease and possibly storage of tools and equipment of all kinds. To give it a facelift, there’s nothing like a good coat of paint, but not just any coat.

The steps to paint a cement garage floor

First of all, it is important to have a clean, dry and flawless floor. The cracks must therefore be sealed. Sanding with a coarse grit sanding disc can also help smooth the surface. Then, you have to clean the floor of the garage.

This can be done using a shampoo specially dedicated to this type of surface or using a solution of water and Saint Marc detergent. In any case, it will be necessary to equip yourself with a pair of gloves, since these are products that can be irritating or even toxic. You must then wait until the floor is completely dry before starting any painting work.

It is recommended to start by painting at the edges and corners of the garage with a round brush or a repainting brush, protecting the lower parts of the walls with masking tape. Once these strategic places have been painted, it is better to start at the back of the garage, to continue towards the middle, then extend towards the entrance door of the garage.

This is where the paint roller comes in. The ideal would be to wait a whole night before applying the second coat of paint, just to give time to the first coat to dry well, to the depth. Sometimes, when the paint is too thick, it should be diluted slightly with a little water or white spirit according to the instructions on the pot, especially for the application of the first coat. This is not necessary at the time of the second coat. It may also be appropriate to add a third coat of very thin paint to obtain the desired result.

The paints to use to paint a cement garage floor

To paint a cement garage floor, it is important to choose a paint specially developed for this type of surface. It must be shock and abrasion resistant, washable and waterproof.

It must also protect the floor from greasy stains, mud and humidity. This is particularly the case of two-component epoxy paints. This type of paint, easy to maintain and widely used in industrial settings, is available in various brands on the market. V33, Syntilor, Valentine, Astral, Julien, Dulux, Crown, Rubson, Levis, Sikkens, Trimetal and Mathys are the best known of them. But regardless of the brand chosen, once the coats of paint have been spread and dried, it is recommended to wait 3 to 7 days before any intensive use.

There is also plenty of choice in terms of colors to satisfy everyone. However, dark shades like black and gray remain in the spotlight. They don’t wear out easily.

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