How to paint on glass canvas which paint to use?

Painting a glass canvas is possible and even very simple, since it is a wall covering to be painted and is generally sold white. In addition, it is designed to withstand the application of a suitable paint, unlike conventional wallpapers, so there is no hesitation!

Which paint to choose for painting glass canvas?

To successfully paint your glass canvas, it is strongly advised to choose a quality model. Opt for an acrylic wall paint in the color that suits you with good covering power in order to highlight the relief of your glass canvas without irregularities.

If you prefer to apply glycero paint or oil paint, start with a first coat of acrylic paint to form a protective base. The solvents of these two types of paints are relatively aggressive for the surface of the canvas.

How to paint your glass canvas?

Before you start, make sure your glass cloth is strong enough. Painting a surface that tears may peel it off. If you notice that it is tearing off in places, it is best to change it before applying the paint.

Clean the glass cloth

If your glass cloth is not new and ready to paint, you will need to clean it to remove dust, dirt and grease that may have settled on it over time. The grip of the paint will be much better and the rendering will be more regular.

Run a nylon brush over the mount to remove dust.

Put on gents and wash the fabric with hot water and alkaline detergent of the Saint-Marc type. Use a nylon brush and rub gently so as not to alter the support.

Rinse with clear water and let your glass canvas dry before you start painting it. As soon as it is dry, arrange the protective adhesive tapes so as not to overflow on the sockets, the switches and the contours of the surfaces to be painted.

Apply the undercoat

The application of a special undercoat for glass fabric promotes the adhesion of the paint.

Start by painting the corners and edges with a refinish brush. Then apply the undercoat with your roller and let it dry well.

Apply the coat of glass cloth paint

The painting of the glass cloth can begin as soon as the support is dry. It is generally advisable to apply two coats of paint to obtain a perfect, uniform and regular result.

Proceed as for the application of the undercoat. Start by painting the edges and contours with the repainting brush and paint the rest of the canvas with a roller.

For best results, start from the window and follow the direction of the light to the door or opposite wall. Always work from top to bottom, making vertical strips and covering them with horizontal strips.

When the first layer is completely dry, apply the second in the same way.

Once the second layer is completely dry, remove the masking tapes.

You have finished your work, all you have to do is admire the result!

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