How to paint paneling to give it a second youth ?

Do you want to give your paneling a second lease of life? If it is wood or PVC, the way to paint it will not be the same. Here’s how you should proceed in each case.

Painting wooden paneling to give it a second life

If the wood paneling is to beat or already painted, it is better to carefully sand the surface beforehand. Sanding is done in the direction of the wood, with fine grain sandpaper. If the surface to be sanded is large, do not hesitate to sand with an electric sander.

You then wash the paneling by rubbing the surface with Marseille soap diluted in lukewarm water.

After complete drying of the wood, you apply a undercoat, with a roller on the flat areas of the paneling, and with a brush in the grooves. The laying must be uniform over the entire surface.

You cover the underlay with a special wood paint. This is important because wood is a living material that reacts to variations in humidity and temperature. A special wood paint is flexible enough to follow the variations of the wood and not crack.
You apply the paint the same way as the undercoat. But if the reliefs are numerous, it may be interesting to use the gun method. This method also has the advantage of depositing a homogeneous and traceless paint film. It all depends on your skill and the level of finish you are aiming for.

Depending on the result obtained after the first layer, you may want to apply a second. If so, lightly sand the first coat before applying.

Painting PVC paneling to give it a second life

  • Clean the surface with a cloth dampened withmethylated spirit, insisting in the grooves. The cleaning will be done with a gesture always oriented in the direction of the length of the paneling.
  • Let dry.
  • Lightly sand the surface with fine grit sandpaper.
  • Stir the paint vigorously.
  • Apply it with a short-haired roller for the smooth parts, and with a brush for the grooves, taking care to stretch the paint so as not to create layers that would take a long time to dry. If you use a paint gun, you will have to dilute the paint (see the instructions for the proportions of thinner).

The best result will be obtained by applying an adhesion primer for plastics afterwards.

If theoretically you can use the paint of your choice to cover the primer, it is preferable to use a special plastic paint.

After the application of the first layer, you will judge if you need to apply a second layer.

Remember to respect the drying times between each coat, otherwise you risk compromising the final result.

Paneling is trendy!

Paneling is making a comeback, especially wood paneling. So you don’t have to hesitate very long between keeping it and repainting it, or removing it, especially since you don’t know what he hides

In order not to overwhelm a small room, you will favor bright colors, such as white, cream or light earths.

For rooms with large volumes, black paneling is a very interesting option, bringing a deep and original note to the general atmosphere.

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