How to protect yourself from electromagnetic waves in your home ?

Electromagnetic waves are a topic that is talked about a lot. This magnetic or electromagnetic radiation is suspected of causing health problems. How do you protect yourself from this in your own home? Here are a few tips.

We are constantly subjected to electromagnetic waves

Electromagnetic waves would be everywhere. This is the colloquial term for both artificial electric and magnetic fields. The magnetic waves would be emitted by mobile phones, screens, high voltage lines and in the house all electrical appliances and cables. Some people very sensitive to these waves react by having tingling on the skin, being prone to more nervousness. It is about sleep disorders, fatigue and depression. These waves and radiation would be greatly harmful. There are few scientific studies on the subject but the warnings have been numerous for several years. As a precautionary measure, try to limit your exposure to electromagnetic waves.

Of course, reducing your exposure to electromagnetic waves does not mean giving up all comfort. For example, there are shielded cables that you can use to equip your main living spaces, so as to reduce the emission of electromagnetic waves. You can also simply unplug your WiFi router overnight. Because it is on non-stop even when you are not on the phone or watching television. Internet access via a router is commonplace today – and electro-sensitive people may find them unpleasant. Minimize potential risk by using a wired connection whenever possible. If in doubt, keep a distance of at least two meters from the router.

Simple advice to protect yourself from electromagnetic waves

  • Turn off electrical appliances completely after use – don’t just leave them on standby.
  • In the room of babies and toddlers in particular, prefer devices that operate on batteries rather than on the mains.
  • Keep your phone charger as far away from your bedroom and your children’s bedroom.
  • Use a headset for your long phone calls. Do not hold the cell phone directly to your ear until communication is established.
  • Keep babies and young children away from an operating microwave.

What devices should you pay attention to?

The mobile phone and the Internet box are undoubtedly the two elements that come up most often when it comes to talking about electromagnetic waves. What other elements of the house should you pay attention to? Also, keep an eye out for other devices in your home that could pose a hazard. For example, you should not place a clock radio plugged into the mains too close to your head on the bedside table. If in doubt, you can replace these electrical devices with battery-powered clock radios. Use only baby monitors with a sufficient safety distance – one and a half to two meters. Even your mobile phone has no place on the bedside table while charging. In the kitchen, it’s important to keep an eye on your microwave in particular. New devices are generally well protected, but older models run the risk of minor leaks – children should not stand in front of these devices in priority.

How to find one’s way in terms of electromagnetic waves?

What is true, what is false and how to find it? The reference organization in this area remains the National Frequency Agency. It is a public body within which a National Dialogue Committee has been created on the levels of public exposure to electromagnetic waves. This group brings together all the actors involved in the subject: associations, operators and manufacturers, but also local authorities, ministries and administrations. It is a place of dialogue which translates a will of exchanges between actors of the file of the waves. This committee was created following the Abeille law of February 9, 2015 relating to sobriety, transparency, information and consultation regarding exposure to electromagnetic waves.

What is the electromagnetic field measurement protocol?

It is a protocol set up by the National Agency of Frequencies (ANFR). This protocol is the reference text for accredited laboratories that perform electromagnetic field measurements in the field. Since one of the missions of the ANFR is to ensure compliance with the public exposure limit values. This protocol aims to verify on site, for the fixed equipment used in the networks of

telecommunications or for radioelectric installations, compliance with the reference levels of public exposure to radioelectric fields provided for by decree no. 2002-775 of 3 May 2002.

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