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Whether your terrace is small or large, square, rectangular or angled, wide or narrow, it is not necessarily easy to arrange. However, this beautiful setting that connects your interior to your garden is a pleasant space that you enjoy taking advantage of as soon as the sunny days return. The terrace is a friendly place dedicated to sharing good times with family or friends, but also to relaxation. Here are our 10 ideas to enhance yours!

Idea n°1: colorful furniture

Garden furniture is the most visible element on your patio. It can occupy all the space of the smaller ones and furnish part of the larger ones. The furniture is very important, because it is the focal point of your outdoor lunches and dinners, but it is also a resting space where you can share your refreshing drinks in the middle of the afternoon or even the place for your readings and your games, alone or with others.

In short, dare the colors for your garden furniture. If the traditional white is timeless, play on the colors to bring life to your terrace. Pastel and flashy colors are very trendy; pink, blue, yellow, orange… everything is possible! Wood is also a beautiful material that goes well with all colors. Play on the colors to give your terrace a unique atmosphere, just like you.

Idea n°2: dare to recycle

Recycled accessories are very fashionable! Pallets to create a sofa or an outdoor living room, a mottled screen at a flea market to protect you from the sun and/or prying eyes while brightening up your terrace, a surfboard for a dynamic and original touch, old earthenware pots decorated for your plants, crates of apples for seats, an empty barrel for a table… all ideas are good! Feel free to hunt around, recover and transform to create unique furniture and accessories for your exterior. It’s a good way to enhance your terrace and impress your guests on a budget!

Idea n°3: the power of cushions

Indoors and outdoors, cushions are perfect for enhancing your spaces. These small touches of color are available in a vast multitude of colours, materials and textures to meet all tastes. Also, they are very easy to change. A simple new cover and you completely change your atmosphere! Cushions can be small or large in size and in any shape. Vary the colors and patterns to accessorize your terrace. They are just as comfortable and cozy as they are beautiful and full of light. It’s a good way to bring subtle touches of fantasy that can alone enhance your terrace without breaking the bank.

Idea n°4: floor mats

Have you thought about the floor of your terrace? Whether it is wooden, concrete or tiled, you can play on the atmosphere without breaking the bank. All you need is a simple colored carpet. Rugs are indeed pretty pops of color and pattern that can bring natural warmth to your outdoors. Want a cozy atmosphere? Think warm hues, African or Scandinavian patterns. Do you dream of a festive atmosphere? Why not opt ​​for a carpet in flashy colors? Vary the models to play on the desired atmospheres. There are very nice models for the outdoors, resistant to rain, UV and stains.

Idea n°5: light fixtures

The lights are the highlight of the terrace as soon as night falls. Floor lamps, candles and tealight holders, lanterns, garlands, paper lanterns… vary the light sources to give your patio a festive touch or a cozier atmosphere. Prefer warmer colored or yellow-tinted lights to cooler white lights. Also consider solar lights, which allow you to light up without spending energy.

Idea n°6: the shade sail

In square, rectangle or triangle, the shade sail is available in a multitude of colors. It protects you from the sun, heat, wind and prying eyes while adding a decorative touch to your terrace. An ideal solution to feel good in an exterior enhanced with originality!

Idea n°7: carrycots, hammocks and hanging chairs

If you dream of relaxing and getting away from it all, enhance your terrace with a basket, a hanging chair or a hammock. These very aesthetic accessories are aerial since they do not touch the ground, very comfortable and perfect for your exterior. In metal, wood and fabric, rattan, wicker or resin, they are the assets of a cozy and cocooning atmosphere. For reading, playing, sleeping, dreaming or simply laying down, these accessories will very quickly be the stars of the terrace.

Idea n°8: plants and their containers

Whether large or small, flowery and colorful or not, plants are perfect for enhancing a terrace. They hide from view, refresh the atmosphere and color your space. Ideal for a natural atmosphere and for all other styles, plants are very decorative and form a stronger link with the garden.

Installing plants on your terrace is also a way to arrange them in original pots and planters. Opt for very flashy colors or even interesting materials such as sandstone or woven baskets. You can even decorate your terracotta pots! A pleasant activity to do with the family and perfect for enhancing your terrace with originality.

Idea n°9: mirrors

Mirrors are a good way to enlarge a small narrow terrace or enhance the garden to create a stronger link between indoors and outdoors. Mirrors are also very decorative. Choose various models, in driftwood, wrought iron, rattan or even with colored frames for a unique atmosphere. In addition, when night falls and the mirrors reflect your lights, you enjoy a magnificent magical atmosphere!

Idea n°10: the outdoor fireplace

This little must-have is a very trendy accessory that is attracting more and more people! Both aesthetic and pleasant, the outdoor fireplace structures your space and warms your patio when the air cools. Ecological, it runs on bioethanol and brings style and comfort. Warm and original, it is perfect for your evenings with family or friends, but also for your little moments as a couple, thanks to its refined elegance.

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