How to remove pests without toxic products ?

Having rats in your house is nothing very pleasant and knowing that you have to use chemicals to eliminate them is hardly any more – because in addition, if you are particularly sensitive, that you are sick, you have a baby or are pregnant, this can become a problem. So why not use natural solutions to repel them? Admittedly, they sometimes inspire us with fear and disgust, but there are non-toxic products capable of keeping them away from our comfortable and cozy interiors. Rats can transmit diseases, so if you want to know how to scare them away naturally, here are some non-harmful solutions to keep them away and make sure they don’t appear again.

How to recognize a rat?

Rats are rodents that are about 30 centimeters long. They are animals with a long thin tail much larger than mice. They can be vectors of diseases, but also of parasites. Being invaded by rats means having a greater risk of catching fleas or ticks, for example.

Finding out that rats are living in your home can be scary, but you just need to put the following tips into practice to scare away rats without killing them. Here are the home remedies and solutions that will help you scare away these rodents naturally.

A big cleaning

So that rats do not take up residence in your home, you have to repel them. If food papers are lying around here and there, if food is accessible because your boxes do not have lids or if old clothes are used as beds for them, then it is sure that these will be inclined to settle down. easily at home. So morality: remove everything that lies around and that may be likely to seem comfortable to them, clean from top to bottom. Do not leave any food accessible. Clean your table and worktop when you are no longer using them.

natural products

Do you have something in your garden to repel rats? Do you know that peppermint is an excellent repellent? Its strong smell repels rats, so you can use it in its natural form, as a plant, or as an essential oil. You can place them in containers near your doors and windows, in all places where rats are likely to enter your home. You can also, as our grandmothers did with lavender, slip mint into small fabric sachets that you will place in your cupboards and cupboards. Mint isn’t the only herb that can be used to scent the garden while keeping rats away. Lavender, marigold, peppermint and basil are equally effective. Just be sure to keep the plants in soil healthy and water them frequently, as this helps them release more potent scents.

Spices are also excellent remedies for scaring away rats without killing them. Not only are they natural, but you also have them on hand. Again, all you have to do is fill small cloth bags with cloves and cayenne pepper and place them in different places in your home. The strong odor that emanates from it will scare away rats. Remember to replace them when you no longer notice their effect.

How to scare away rats from the house with home remedies? Something as simple as an onion will help you with this task. Its use is very simple: cut several onions into rings and place them in open containers near windows, pipes and areas where rats usually enter.


The smell of ammonia tends to repel humans but also rats. Because it is not only pleasant but it is especially associated by rats with the smell of urine of large predators. If you want to repel them, mix some ammonia powder with water and spray the solution in the areas of your home that give you problems. Of course, this applies to interiors where there are no children, pregnant women or pets.

An ultrasound device

There are devices that emit ultra-unpleasant ultrasound for rats and inaudible to the human ear. Simply place these machines in the path rats take to enter your home. They should therefore turn back.

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