How to renovate your car’s headlights that have become opaque ?

Over the years, the headlights of the car turn yellow or become opaque. Consideration of replacement is advised. However, if you do not have the necessary budget, opt for a simple renovation by going through the services of a professional or by doing it yourself if you have DIY knowledge.

Renovating headlights: a matter of safety

The quality of the headlights is never to be underestimated, because the safety of the driver, passengers and third parties outside is at stake. This equipment allows you to drive in optimal conditions during bad weather, in fog and especially at night. A motorist risks a 3rd category fine of 68 euros if his headlights are in a deplorable state. In fact, the risk of an accident is greater on the road.

In addition, if the headlights are too yellowed or opaque, the vehicle risks being recalibrated during the technical inspection. In addition to optimizing the safety of the car and making it compliant with standards, renovated headlights provide more aesthetics, which will facilitate resale of the automobile.

Why do the headlights become opaque?

To know if the headlights need a renovation, detect the first symptoms. First, lighting is less important than before. The light dims and the glass becomes dull. It also happens that a problem of yellowing appears. The fragility of the polycarbonate used to manufacture the headlights partly explains this opacity. This material loses its properties more easily in contact with UV rays, dirt or gravel projections. The durability of the headlights will depend on the conditions of use and parking of the vehicle. If it is parked outside, inevitably, the materials will degrade faster.

How to renovate opaque headlights?

To renovate your headlights, you have an alternative: do it yourself or go to a garage.

The first option is by far the most economical. You just need to equip yourself with an optical restorer kit available in specialized stores for an average price between 8 and 40 euros. The kit consists of sheets of sandpaper, polish, cleaning solution and applicator pads. The use is easy. First, clean the headlight with the dedicated product. Then proceed to sanding to eliminate micro-scratches and finish with the application of the polishing product.

In case you don’t have a restorer kit on hand, using toothpaste has also paid off. After passing the essential cleaning step, apply the toothpaste and rub with a toothbrush or a cloth. Finish by rinsing with plenty of water. Let dry.

If ever the renovation operation has not produced the expected results, you have no choice but to go to a car center or a garage. The intervention will cost you on average between 80 and 120 euros. Be careful, if the wear is too great and has made your headlights extremely opaque, a replacement is to be considered. This process is longer and more expensive, all the more so if you have a luxury car.

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