How to repaint an old piece of furniture ?

It’s not the painting that I prefer (especially the preparations), but realizing the very poor condition of an old piece of furniture inherited from my grandmother (I really care about it), I only had one I want to repaint it. It is a wooden piece of furniture with a zinc part. The result is satisfactory and above all stunning, since the piece of furniture has regained its charm of yesteryear.


Before the actual painting, it is very important to get down to the preparation. I already advise to gather all the materials you may need. So, set aside three paintbrushes, an impression paint, a mixing stick, polyurethane, a sponge and old newspapers.

Once you have all these tools at hand, move on to cleaning the furniture. Cleaning is, I think, a key step in painting an old piece of furniture. This requires taking the time to work on all the little corners of the furniture.

Note that I used soap and warm water to thoroughly scrub the furniture. Then, wait until it is completely dry and start lightly sanding the rough parts to the touch, before applying a primer to the entire piece of furniture, so that the paint adheres well to the wood.

Observe an exposure time of 4 hours for the drying of the primer, add a second coat if necessary and finally proceed to the painting stage

Painting the furniture

Once the preparation stage is over, let’s get down to business. This task will be really easy to do, especially if the furniture preparations are well executed. But first you need to choose the new color of the furniture.

Personally, I opted for white which harmonizes well with the tone of my other furniture. The choice of color is of course essential and if you have no idea, do not hesitate to seek advice from your friends, or from the DIY store. Color combinations are very trendy today! A word of advice though: when shopping for paint, don’t forget to consider the style, as well as the overall tone of the room.

Depending on the decorative effect you want to give, do not hesitate to apply several coats of paint if necessary. The main thing is that you let your creativity express itself and thus bring the maximum of personal touches. Try it, let me know! As for the actual paint application, I recommend using a different brush than the primer one.

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