How to repaint a varnished piece of furniture ?

After hunting around in flea markets, did you fall in love with a beautiful varnished wooden coffee table? Now you want to restore it to your liking by applying new paint? Here are the steps to follow for your work.

Cleaning for an optimal result

No need to consider renovating a varnished piece of furniture by skipping the cleaning stage. If it is old and consists of moldings, certain parts such as the hollows must certainly be dirty. With a bucket of soapy water (Marseille soap or black soap), a sponge and a toothbrush, clean the surface with the help of your sponge. The toothbrush will help you reach difficult areas. Rinse then dry with a dry cloth.

After cleaning, the next step is degreasing. This operation will slightly abrade the material so that the paint can stick easily. Here you can use Meudon white or baking soda. Wet your sponge, pour in the scouring powder then rub your furniture, making sure to regularly moisten the sponge. It is advisable not to use too much water during the operation, so as not to reduce the abrasive quality of the product.

The sanding step

Next comes the sanding step. If the piece of furniture in question has been properly degreased and does not present too many irregularities, this operation is not essential. Otherwise, you will have to get your hands dirty. Sanding makes it possible to have a piece of furniture “white” as we say in the jargon, in other words, matte and dry. It is done with sandpaper. A little tip: always start the operation with a coarse-grained paper before ending on a fairly fine grain. Sand respecting the direction of the wood grain. Avoid at all costs making circles or other fancy gestures that will only scratch and damage the wood. In the end, the material must offer a pleasant feeling of softness to the touch.

The actual paint application

Before applying the paint, using a primer paint is strongly recommended. In fact, this coat of primer or undercoat will provide more adhesion to the paint in question. So cover the furniture with this product and let it dry

You can now start the serious things by applying your paint. Start with a first coat and then wait for it to dry. Then start the second coat. Know that it is better to make several thin applications rather than applying a generous and single layer. When painting, make cross gestures from left to right and from top to bottom to obtain a more optimal rendering.

For the type of paint, you have the choice between acrylic and glycero. Be aware, however, that acrylic is more respectful of the environment, and offers good results, shiny, satin or matte.

After repainting the furniture, the last step is the one dedicated to its protection. Apply another coat of clear, glossy or matte varnish according to your preferences. It will protect your furniture from scratches and possible stains.

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