How to repair a leaking toilet ?

A leak in your toilet inexorably leads to an increase in water consumption. Also, it is imperative to quickly resolve the problem by carrying out the necessary repairs. Here are some tips for getting there.

Leaks caused by the toilet faucet

A water leak occurring in the WC means a loss of many m3 of water per year. When we know that the average water tariff in the country is estimated at 4 euros/m3, a quick calculation allows us to see how exorbitant such a loss can be. To remedy this, we will have to get our hands dirty.

One of the main causes of leaks is the toilet faucet. The first thing to do in this case is to turn off the tap and then flush the toilet. Using a spanner or spanner, you need to unlock the tap nut. Then remove the seal and install a new one.

Leaks appearing at the level of the bowl and the tank

When the leak occurs between the bowl and the tank, it is usually due to a loosening of the tank or a sealing problem. In this case, you must start by turning off the water inlet tap, flushing the toilet, removing the cover and then dismantling the entire mechanism. Then check the condition of the gasket and buy an identical one. Finally, replace the faulty gasket with the new one.

If this operation was not enough to solve the problem, take a multi-grip wrench then tighten the fixings between the bowl and the tank as much as possible. The nuts that are located under the bowl and at the back must be correctly fixed.

The rubber ball: a probable cause of a leak

The leaking problem can also be caused by a poor connection between the tank seat and the rubber ball. The first operation to do in this case is to check the lift rod by removing the tappet and the cover. If you see it’s bent, take flat-nose pliers and straighten it. It is imperative that the rubber ball drops properly into the reservoir seat for the leak to stop.

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