How to restart a swimming pool after winter ? Steps and procedure

Whether you have opted for passive wintering or active wintering, you must bring your swimming pool back to life respecting different steps in order to be able to enjoy the pleasures of swimming in clear water that is safe for the health of bathers. The right time to restart the pool after winter is easy to determine since it is necessary when the water temperature is 12°C. Here is the procedure to follow.

Watch for the right temperature to restart your pool

The pool water temperature is the condition sine qua non to identify the right time to bring the bathing pool back into service. She must be at the limit of 12°C. At this stage, if the swimming pool is maintained in wintering, the bacteria and the some grow at speed V. Without intervention, the water turns. This then requires significant treatment. This requires the use of a large quantity of product, which represents a substantial expense.

In France, summering takes place, depending on the region, between March and April.

Items to take out of the pool and those to reinstall

We start by removing the tarp or winter cover which protected the basin against plant debris. It is cleaned perfectly following the manufacturer’s instructions. It must be clean and dry to be stored until the following winter.

Before wintering, we theoretically put in the water various accessories whose role is to protect the pool against frost. It can for example be:

  • Wintering floats that prevent the deformation of the pool and the degradation of the coating in the event of frost,
  • Anti-freeze wintering gizzmo that protects the skimmer.

These elements must be removed, cleaned and stored until the next wintering. Then you have to reinstall the equipment that had been stored away for the winter, namely:

  • The filter,
  • discharge nozzles,
  • Skimmer baskets.

This is also the time to install a new filter cartridge.

Clean your pool from top to bottom before putting it back into service

The pool cleaning necessary because, even if it was covered throughout the winter season, a lot of dust and various debris or insects could have accumulated there. The basin is therefore more or less clogged just like the water. To do this we pick up the biggest dirtlanding netthen we pass the broom-vacuum or else we let the robot-pool while we are working on scour them copingsthe beach and all swimming pool area. Following this cleaning, we take good care of discharge water via the sewer but in no case towards the filter.

During this session, we do not forget to clean and then adapt the water level lowering it by 4 to 6 centimeters. Then all that remains is to add clean water until the water line reaches the level of the skimmers.

Check the condition of the swimming pool

Once the swimming pool is own, it is easier to inspect the bottom, the walls, the liner… The condition must be impeccable. A careful examination allows detect the slightest crack or even a possible peeling off of the coating. At the slightest problem of this type, we first proceed to all the repairs necessary or entrust this task to a professional.

Likewise, it is necessary to check the state of all equipment of the swimming pool in order to replace as soon as possible the one which seems to show the slightest sign of defect.

Restarting the swimming pool: what to do in the technical room

It all depends on the type of wintering you have chosen.

After passive wintering the start-up of the swimming pool requires a little time because it is necessary:

  • Loosen the pump if necessary to make it operational: after these few months of wintering, it happens that it gets blocked. It can be unlocked by simply using a suitable screwdriver.
  • Check the manometer before restoring the filtration system to working order.

    • If the pressure is too high, this may mean that the filter is clogged (it must then be cleaned) or that one of the valves has not been opened.
    • If the pressure is too low, the pump may be clogged. It therefore needs a thorough cleaning. A seized pump can also be the cause of the pressure gauge being too low.
    • If the pressure is completely normal, the manometer is perfectly balanced. That’s excellent news !
  • Open the valves,
  • Power up the electric case of the pump.,
  • Programmer time and duration of filtration.

After active wintering, restarting the pool is much faster because you simply have to program a new filtration time. There is no simpler !

Pool winter outing: mandatory water analysis!

There is no question of neglecting this step because you have to be able to offer all future pool users a clear and healthy water. To do this, it is essential to check:

  • The TH (Hydrotimetric Title),
  • The pH level (Hydrogen potential),
  • The TAC or Complete Alkalimetric Title (Alkalinity).

If the results are normal, nothing is touched. Conversely, readjustments are necessary. You can ask the pool specialist for advice or entrust him with the task in order to start off on the right footing.

Treat the pool before a new swimming season

The swimming pool must be treated after several months of wintering. Some owners do it before winter but it is possible to wait for the restart. This muscle treatment can be done:

  • Au brome : it is an algicidal agent (which eliminates algae), disinfectant and oxidant. A bromine level of between 2 and 4 mg/litre of water is respected. To treat swimming pool water with bromine under the right conditions, the pH must be between 7.4 and 7.5.
  • A l’liquid active oxygen to complete the action of a treatment product: liquid active oxygen allows you to treat the water in your swimming pool in a ecological. It has an algaecide action and also destroys residual organic matter.
  • Au chlorine : this is the solution most commonly used by pool owners. It is oxidant, disinfectant, it destroys bacteria and prevents the appearance of algae.

Let the filtration system run

The entire pool has been inspected, cleaned and even repaired if necessary, the water has been analyzed and treated. It’s finally time to move on last start-up stage after wintering : the water purification. The principle is extremely simple since all you have to do is let the pool filtration device run for 24 to 48 hours without any interruption. Of course, we are still waiting a bit for the dives!

The pool recommissioning after wintering must be carried out according to the rules of the trade. It is therefore necessary to be a little patient and not wish to bathe the same day. If you don’t have the time or the inclination to take care of it yourself, you can very well take out a maintenance contract including winterizing and restarting the pool and choosing different services according to your needs and the type of pool you have. Many pool designers offer à la carte pool maintenance contracts. To compare offers and prices, the easiest method is to use a comparator on line.

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