How to sew and make your own cushions?

You want to personalize your living room or your reading corner, or the rooms of your house, whether it is yours, those of children or friends, here is a simple idea within everyone’s reach: make your own cushions. With a bit of imagination, you will give a colorful and cocooning touch to all those spaces that need us to feel good, comfortable and relaxed.

What you need to sew cushions

First of all, if you don’t want to sew everything by hand, it is better that you have a sewing machine, either you have one of your own, or you borrow one from around you, from a friend or from a sewing platform. exchange or loan of equipment. Also bring your sewing box filled with scissors, spools of colored threads to match the fabrics, pins, etc.

You will have previously chosen the printed fabric that you like, by purchasing the necessary length according to the number of cushions to be made, their size and their shape.

To facilitate their maintenance, it is better to plan to make removable cushion covers, that is to say with a small invisible zipper of 22 cm. This will allow you to extract the cushion in order to wash it easily when it is dirty or stained.

Create your own cushions

Either you have old cushions and you just have to cover them by sewing a cover, or you start from scratch and have to buy or make the filling cushions. Let’s see how to make a 40 x 40 cm filling cushion, which is a standard size, for example.

In a white cotton canvas, cut a piece measuring 82 cm x 42 cm, which leaves you 1 cm for the seams. Fold the long part over to make a square; you will have, at the fold, one of the sides of the cushion. Sew the two side edges, as well as the fourth side, leaving 10 cm of opening. Turn the sewn pouch right side out and fill it with flakes of polyester foam, kapok, wadding or feathers, depending on the density that suits you. The more you fill, the firmer the cushion you will have. Close the remaining opening with pins and sew the two edges by hand. You can also sew them on the machine, making sure to sew as close to the edge as possible so that it does not form a flat edge.

From there, you can sew your cover in the printed upholstery fabric you have chosen, on the same pattern. Except that the fourth side of the cover will have to be sewn only partially, over 9 cm at each end; on the remaining 22 cm in the center you will fasten the zipper.

You can cut the 4 corners of the fabric to make them less protruding and easier to turn over, then overcast the edges of the seams so that the fabric does not fray, especially from being washed. That’s it, all you have to do is insert your filling cushion inside the cover, zip up and admire your work!

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